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Updated by Ready Lifestyle on Nov 06, 2017
Headline for Preparedness in a Post Collapse Environment - LEARN NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!
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Preparedness in a Post Collapse Environment - LEARN NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

Great list of preparedness information from one of the best sites out there! If you're interested in finding out about being prepared following a government collapse, this list is for you.


Home - Ready Lifestyle

If you’ve been prepping for any length of time then these may be a refresher or they may be brand new. If you’re just starting in the prepping/preparedness world, then these will most likely be […]

40 Tips Every Prepper Should Know - Ready Lifestyle

In the world of prepping no one knows everything. These tips may be a refresher or they could be new to you. Either way there's something in here for you.

The Best Post Collapse Vehicle - Ready Lifestyle

Fuel is going to be in short supply following any kind of collapse. It doesn’t matter what the event was. This is where a quality bike comes into play.

Controlling Bleeding "Put Your Hands on the Red" - Ready Lifestyle

Controlling bleeding can seem overwhelming if you haven't received the proper training. This article will explain how and why you stop bleeding.

“I’m going to kill everybody!” The Resurgence of Homicidal Preppers

I’ve seen a surge in what I call the homicidal prepper. These people claim they are going to hide in their homes and kill everyone that approaches.

How to Stop a Vehicle with Gunfire - Ready Lifestyle

With the recent increase of vehicles being used as weapons by terrorists, it is important that we discuss how to effectively stop a vehicle.

Preparing for a Flood - Get Ready Before the Water Starts Rising

Floods kill more people every year than lightning, hurricanes or tornadoes. They also cause roughly $5 billion in damages in the U.S. alone.

Using Animal Medication During a Collapse / SHTF

During disasters doctors and hospitals can be unavailable to us. In these times, we may have to use animal medication to treat the infections we encounter.

Personal Hygiene After a Disaster - Staying Clean Can Keep You Alive

The benefits of personal hygiene following a disaster cannot be underestimated. Keep these items in your bug out bag and staying clean won't be a problem.

Bug-in or Bug-out? That is the Question. |

Deciding to bug-out or bug-in is a personal choice. However, deciding to bug-in or bug-out could make the difference between life and death.

The Best Bug Out Bag List (2017) - Make the Best Bug Out Bag for You!

Bugging out should be a last resort, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be ready. This bug out bag list will get you prepared for nearly any situation.

The Survival Axe - The Piece of Gear You May Have Overlooked

A survival axe is one of the most efficient tools in a survival situation. This one piece of gear can easily be the difference between life and death.

Prepping for an Online Attack - The Need for a VPN

If you’re interested in protecting yourself online, then a VPN is a must. They can help you protect yourself from many online attacks.

How to Survive a Nuclear Attack - What You Need to Know

This article covers how to survive a nuclear attack, what you need to do to prepare for a nuclear attack and what happens during a nuclear attack.

Can You Wear Contacts in a SHTF? • Ready Lifestyle

There are many downsides to wearing contacts in a post-collapse environment. Prepare in advance so you won't be tempted to!

The Essentials to Survive a House Fire |

Fire is one of the deadliest events that can strike. This article will explain how to survive a fire should it happen to strike your home.

6 Worst Waterborne Diseases in the United States |

Waterborne diseases consistently rank among the top killers each year. The worst waterborne diseases kill more people than any natural disaster.