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Verhaal Digital Marketing Blog

The Verhaal blog provides the latest news about Digital Marketing, tips, tricks, and advice for improving websites and doing better search marketing. Verhaal Digital Marketing Blog


How to Cheat at Optimizing Your Site for Google Mobile-First Index and Get Away with It

With Google's mobile-first indexing of the Web and 60% of searches coming from smartphones, an error-free mobile site is a must.

The Unconventional Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages are a new super-fast, super-lightweight alternative to bloated and slow pages for mobile visitors.

Why you need to use ad Extensions - Sitelinks, Callouts and more

Ad extensions provide the opportunity to add more information to your ad than the basic headline, URL, and ad copy you're traditionally able to use.

SEO Basics: Essentials For Website Optimization

Search engine optimization should be at the forefront of your mind when setting up a webpage. Skipping the basics of SEO will leave your site struggling.

6 Reasons Why the World Would End Without Email Marketing Etiquette

Learn the 6 most important rules of email marketing etiquette to ensure you're not annoying recipients or breaking the law.

3 Ways to Protect Your Online Reputation in 2017

Online reputation management (ORM) means taking control of the online conversation so that people find the right materials when they look you up on the Web.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes Hurting Your Brand

Social Media Marketing Mistakes That You Shouldn't Make. Everyone is adopting social media. Find out how to give competitors a run for their money.

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid - Verhaal Digital Marketing Blog

Top brand Social Media Marketing mistakes every business should stay clear-off. Great read for those looking at starting a social media campaign or account.

Why Local Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is Tempting

Local Search Engine Marketing ensures your local business listing can be found locally using local search. Google Places and other local search engines.

10 Tips for Successful Instagram Marketing

Learn exactly how to create your Instagram marketing strategy from scratch and optimize an existing strategy for long-term success.

Ease your Content Marketing Efforts with these 7 tools

Jumpstarting your content marketing efforts can be an uphill battle if you don't have the right tools in place to get the job done.

14 Tips & Tricks to Successfully Market on Facebook

Facebook is the social network that doesn't need an introduction. Marketing on Facebook can help you efficiently reach all of the people who matter most.

10 Ways to Successfully Market on Twitter

Has your Twitter marketing moved beyond Twitter's basics? Looking to improve your Twitter marketing: follow these 10 hot Twitter tips

Why your Business needs Content Marketing

Content marketing is essential to every business, in every industry. There's no way around it. Read on to find out why this applies to you.

Social Media Marketing - Just Another Marketplace Without a Physical Space

it has become a necessary part of any business, company or person offering goods or services to have his “stall” in the social media marketplace.

6 common mistakes content marketers should avoid in 2017

Content marketing, if done correctly, can be one of the most profitable customer acquisition channels for your business. 6 mistakes of content marketers.

6 must-haves that Make a Formidable Content Marketer

Content marketing is a strategic approach aimed at creating & distributing valuable and consistent content to attract and retain a defined audience.

Top 9 Reasons why your Business needs SEO

You may be wondering why you need SEO services? We have listed 9 very strong reasons why your business will benefit from implementing SEO strategies.

5 Keys to Conquering Digital Marketing in 2017

Online visibility is key to the success of many startups digital marketing campaigns. To improve your digital reach in 2017, note these trends.

What Google Never Told You About Organic Traffic

Organic traffic means the content you put on your website today will drive traffic. Find 6 tested tips recommended to help you increase website traffic.

How to Create Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Creating your social media marketing strategy need not be painful. Social media is crucial to the success of any company's digital marketing strategy.

[Infographic] Cybercrime and 2018 Digital Security

Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access.

Infographic: How Social Media Influences Your Business | Digital Marketing

The impact of social media on your business is immense. Take the opportunity to build a presence on social media sites to boost your business results.

6 Effective and Cool Email Marketing Onboarding Tactics

Onboarding emails are a valuable onboarding asset. They can steer new customers in the right direction and set expectations for their experience with your product or brand.