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Headline for Tips for Business, Inventory, Employee Management and Business Reporting
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Tips for Business, Inventory, Employee Management and Business Reporting

Very interesting and useful articles on business management like, employee scheduling, time management, employee hiring and firing, human resource, inventory management, shift planning, pos reporting and a lot of.

Time Management Games - Free Online Time Management Games for Office

Time Management Games - These free online time management games for office employees will help to boost their morale. These time management games decrease work-related stress.
According to one study from the National Safety Council, U.S. companies lose between $200-$300 billion per year due to absenteeism, tardiness, burnout, decreased productivity, worker’s compensation claims, increased employee turnover, and medical insurance costs resulting from employee work-related stress.

15 Secrets to Hiring the Right Employee (And How to Leverage Them)

No matter what industry you work in, finding the right candidate for the job is crucial. High employee turnover can cost companies big. According to HR firm Zane Benefits, turnover could cost as much as 20% of a mid-range employee’s salary. That’s a big chunk of your bottom line.

Effective and Successful Tips for Retail Management

Retail managers may have a job that is challenging at times, but most love what they do. They not only have the challenges that they face with their customers, but they also need to manage their team of employees. Being able to be successful in retail management means being able to grow and reach targets.

10 of the Most Effective Ways to Combat Stress at Work

It can be challenging to perform well and manage the stress and anxiety of the job, but there are several ways to prevent stress before it occurs. Stress and anxiety are very common within the workplace. While it can be very challenging to do your job and manage the stress and anxiety of the job, there are several ways to try to prevent stress before it occurs and best deal with it, if it does happen. Here are 10 ways on how to combat stress at work.

Top 4 Scheduling Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid With A Time Tracking App

Even the most competent manager makes scheduling mistakes sometimes, especially when he or she is in charge of a huge workforce. Most managers who use a premium time tracking app have however reported to make fewer or no scheduling mistakes.

The Biggest Reasons Why You Should Understand Your Data

Would you ask us all those burning questions about your company’s future successes?  Or would you dismiss the very notion that you predict the rise – or fall – of your company?

The Fundamentals of EMV C-store Operators Need to Know

After nearly a decade-long delay, newer computer chip-enhanced credit cards have been rolled-out nationwide. The initials EMV stand for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa – the three credit card processing companies that conceived of the technology. Inside the credit card is a tiny computer chip that stores the cardholder’s account information in a more secure format that is harder for criminals to hack.

A Data-driven Case for Understanding the Impact of Employee Engagement on Retention

How can you keep your own employees from jumping ship to your competitor? The answer may be as simple as engaging them.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Why is word of mouth the most mutually beneficial marketing tool you could ever hope for? Because it makes people feel involved. It makes them a part of your business. They are not passive participants. After all, they are sharing the experiences they had at your restaurant with their friends and family (and hopefully complete strangers).

Business Tips on the Best Ways to Manage Hourly Employees - RMagazine

Every business’ owner faces a variety of challenges every day. One of those challenges is to select the right people for a given position. Maybe you have salaried employees as part of your staff. That is ok, but sometimes you need to perform a specific task, and it is not helpful to hire new personal. How do you solve this problem? You could hire hourly employees.