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Updated by Marcio Garcia de Andrade on Oct 05, 2017
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About Marcio Garcia de Andrade

He started his first online business at 2001-2005 at Florida.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade founder of the 99th Floor LLC

Marcio Garcia de Andrade is the owner, architect and founder of the 99th Floor LLC companies & the owner, architect and founder of numerous web sites in both the consumer and corporate financial services world, he started his first online financial services company while studying for his bachelor’s of finance degree at the University of Florida.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade: The Making of a Successful Business Leader

In the finance and credit sector, Marcio Garcia de Andrade is known to be one of the most successful young entrepreneurs. He established several businesses that helped both his customers and employees.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade: How one man United His Employees to a Common Goal

Marcio Garcia de Andrade is the owner of 99th Floor LLC and suite of websites dedicated to helping people achieve their financial goals in the fastest way possible. He understands how important for people to achieve this.


Marcio Garcia de Andrade founded his first company back in 2006. He’s been in the financial services industry for more than a decade and knows how to get the funding you need in the shortest time possible. Here are some of the websites he founded.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade Releases his book “Get Funded!: How to Get Approved for Unsecured Financing at the Lowest Ra...

In this tough economy, getting yourself the money you need to start your own business, build your dream home or get your son to college. Many opportunities are missed due to lack of financing.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade, owner and founder of 99th Floor LLC, understands the problem most people encounter when applying for unsecured financing. Hes been in the financial services for more than a decade and knows well the secrets to getting the financing you need. To help others get the funding they need, he published the book "Get Funded!: How to Get Approved for Unsecured Financing at the Lowest Possible Rates and with the Highest Possible Credit Limits now available on Amazon Kindle.

Marcio Garcia De Andrade Consulting USA

While the company maintains a physical office in Miami, and a service/sales center in the Philippines, most day to day business is managed by Marcio’s talented team who collaborate online from business centers across the globe.

What Are Seasoned Tradelines?

In the simplest terms, “tradelines” are credit accounts. If a tradeline is “seasoned”, the credit account has been in existence for more than 2 years. If you have many seasoned accounts on your credit reports and those accounts have clean repayment histories and high credit limits, then you likely have a high FICO score.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade published the book "Get Funded!: How to Get Approved for Unsecured Financing at the Lowest Possible Rates and with the Highest Possible Credit Limits now available on Amazon Kindle.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade - 5 out of 5 stars Unsecured Financing

Credit cards with AVR and the other benefits of holding unsecured financing are captured perfectly in this edition by Marcio Andrade. He has filtered everything to perfection on unsecured financing. The merits of using a corporate credit card with no negative impact are something new and will be followed by borrowers in future.

A lot of people don’t really know how the credit system works and how they can make it work for them. Marcio Andrade who has a long-standing background in helping people to get approved for financing has created a book that breaks down the code and helps you understand both the system and your finances better. You can pick up your own copy on Amazon Kindle.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade has consistently built great businesses for over a decade. His interests span from creating private/corporate websites to enabling start-ups access to funds to drive their various initiatives.

Marcio Andrade began his foray into the world of entrepreneurship as an undergraduate in the University. He built his first company which he later sold to Over time, he realized that there was a need to help entrepreneurs access funds to grow their business.

Unveiling a Dynamic Virtual Business Builder

The power of the internet, the dynamics of online financial service offerings, and the conceptualization of real-time solutions for various businesses; all heave up different vibes that resonate with our 21st Century lifestyle and realities.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade - Native Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

Marcio believes that anyone can rise to any height when they pay the price. His values, persuasions, and business-building skills have seen him raise leaders across the globe that are following his steps. Based in his native Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Marcio operates many virtual businesses that are positively changing many lives in our world.

Marcio Andrade – Making a Difference in our World

The immense contribution that Marcio Garcia de Andrade has brought to the online financial services industry is bespoke. There are different variables, skills, knowledge, and transferable traits that he brings into the mix.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade, Florida - Knows The Pain of Failure

Marcio knows the pain of failure, the triumph success, and the path to lead others there. With the new playing field of information and opportunities, you can position yourself to keep experiencing an ever-growing success. Marcio Andrade remains an icon that makes successful virtual businesses happen.

Christa’s Testimony for Marcio Garcia de Andrade

It’s not everday that we meet a brilliant mind with a heart of gold. I could say that I am lucky to meet Marcio Garcia de Andrade. I started working for him back in January 2015 and I sure am glad that I responded to his invitation. Marcio Garcia de Andrade helped me grow as a professional.

The Making of a Creative Genius

Marcio Garcia de Andrade is an established online entrepreneur who has made huge strides in this last decade. With a career that has impacted various industries, he has worked with top organizations to create real-time solutions for a wide range of people. His quest to create a great and exciting platform for new entrepreneurs to grow is unparalleled. His numerous online businesses and virtual projects have received many positive accolades from private and corporate clients. The philosophy that drives Marcio is built on the understanding that everyone has the capacity to define how they want their lives. He ensures that each of his business service channels creates rich experiences for individuals.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade - INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES

Marcio Garcia de Andrade starting and growing business ideas. BodyBuilding. Muay-Thai. Hang Gliding. Traveling the World. Read more at