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Updated by BioHealthlab on Nov 29, 2017
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BioHealth Laboratory

BioHealth Laboratory is the Health Diagnostic Laboratory which is accredited by COLA as well as Federal government. Our passionate clinical team always recommends you the best and assured the quality in whatever they did. BioHealth testing specialities are GI Screen, SIBO Breath Test, saliva tests, female hormone tests, male hormone test, HPA Stress Profiles, Secretory IgA levels etc.

Health Diagnostic Laboratory

Certainly, BioHealth recommends you to rely on saliva hormone testing due to the stability of saliva. To read more about this, you have to keep reading the document wherein I have shared many facts about saliva and it tests.

Adrenal Saliva Test To Diagnose Addison’s Disease

Adrenal saliva test or adrenal insufficiency test is an efficient test for the diagnosis of Addison’s disease. The adrenal saliva test is also known by some other names including adrenal fatigue saliva test and adrenal fatigue test.

The Stability of Saliva for Hormone Testing: a Pilot Study

In the market, there are several tests for hormone imbalance but when it’s about stability of the given samples for hormone imbalance test which works well. It’s a tr..

Health Diagnostic Laboratory

BioHealth Laboratory is COLA certified Health Diagnostic Laboratory which support functional testing under the supervisions of clinical professionals.

Everything You Need To Know About SIBO

Being an essential part of our small bowel, bacteria perform various important functions. However, bacterial overgrowth in small bowel can cause several symptoms such as leaky guts. The small bowel connects large bowel and the stomach. The length of normal small bowel is 20 feet long. The number of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract varies.…

BioHealth Laboratory

BioHealth Laboratory is one of the best USA Health Diagnostic Laboratory. Our hormone testing methods are approved by COLA and Federal Government. Hormone Saliva testing, GI Screening, SIBO Breath testing are perfected by BioHealth Laboratory. Our innovative clinical lab testing methods helps you to get your hormone tested.
BioHealth Laboratory is an innovative clinical lab testing methods

Adrenal Fatigue Test To Overcome Chronic Stress

When adrenal glands exhausted their ability decreases to cope up with other stresses. To overcome this, one can take adrenal fatigue test which is also called HPA stress profiles.