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7 Ways to Learn Photography

Want to learn photography or want to learn how to take good photos, but don’t know what’s the first step? Or maybe you feel like you have some basic photography skills, but don’t know what new technique to try next? Whether you are learning how to operate a DSLR for the first time, or whether you want to expand your photography skills, there’s something out there for you.


Check out YouTube videos.

This is one of the best and free way to learn photography.
You will find lots of channels who provide tips and tricks regarding photography. YouTube can be fantastic tutor if you have a specific question regarding Photoshop & Lightroom and you want answered instantly — a visual walk-through from YouTube really helps. Here are a few channels to check out:
· PHLEARN will help you master Photoshop and Lightroom, whether you want to get started with the basics or focus in on something super specific.
· Serge Ramelli also shares tips on Lightroom and Photoshop.
· Thomas Heaton teaches landscape photography tips and tricks — and has tons of on-location videos.
· B&H Photo (a camera store) walks you through photography gear but also features videos on different photography techniques as well as insights from pros.


Take an online class.

Want to try out a new style of photography? Or maybe you just want to learn from your ideal photographer? There are countless courses available online on every topic.
The best part is that for many, you can take the class at any time from your own home. Many also come with videos or content that you can review and refer back to as many times as you want.
Two great resources with a wide selection of classes are Creative Live and
There are also plenty of great free online courses. Check out Strobist for tons of info on the (sometimes intimidating) topic of lighting. Start with Lighting 101 to learn the basics, and then move onto more complex techniques.
Marc Levoy’s Lectures on Digital Photography are also worth checking out. This Stanford professor has both lecture videos and written content on learning photography available on his website.

Photographers always need assistants. You can help them during their shoot and watch them how they shoot. You can learn so many things by watching their work. You can easily clear your photography doubts instantly. Look up photographers you admire, and check their website, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and just drop a message.

Follow photography blogs and stay updated with photography news. Check them regularly. Bookmark those blogs for tips, tutorials and new style of photography.
Here are some great photography blogs and websites out there:
· Petapixel has articles on everything from photography in the news to tutorials you should check out.
· Looking for gear reviews? Digital Photography Review has a ton — and more are added all the time.
· FStoppers. See what’s new, or search for articles by category — there’s stuff on everything from food photography to portraits.
· Want more business and behind-the-scenes content? Try A Photo Editor.
· See what’s trendy on the EyeEm Blog.
· Want insights into the “psychology of photographers”? Check out The Phoblographer.

“It is more important to click with people than to click with shutter.” — Alfred Eisenstaedt
Learning from other photographers is always great. Check out for weekend photo walks. Connect with fellow photographers, learn new things, and grow your network.
Join a local photo club or group, check out Meetup for photography related stuff in your area, look up local organizations, or ask a friend in photography for their recommendations.

There are lots of photos websites and apps for viewing photos. Find your niche and watch lots of photos for inspiration. Right now I am addicted to Instagram, I follow some great accounts that post other photographers pictures, also search using hashtags and browse through awesome photographs.

“Your first 10,000 photographs are worst.” — Jim Richardson.
If you click more then only you learn more. You don’t need a good place to click, you can make ugly place to look better through your photography. It’s not about flashy big city or landscapes it’s about how you see what’s around you, patience you have to actually explore things. Practice makes man perfect. Go out and start taking photos. Don’t worry if you don’t have DSLR, take out your smartphone and start clicking what you like.