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Updated by Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC on Jul 27, 2020
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Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC

Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC is a provider of Direct Personal Care Services in Southfield, Michigan.

Elderly Care: Recovering After a Stroke

A stroke is a kind of brain injury. Symptoms may differ depending on the part of the brain that is affected. Seniors who survive a stroke often have trouble with moving, talking, or thinking. In-Home Private Duty Care in Southfield, Michigan can assist stroke survivors with their daily living needs.

Pressure Sores: Causes and Prevention

Healthy skin can protect the elderly from bacteria and foreign objects. In addition, it also lessens the elderly’s susceptibility to infections. Even with the best in home elderly care assistance in Southfield, Michigan, the elderly may experience bedsores or pressure sores which can occur with even short periods in a wheelchair or bed.

Ways to Help Aging Parents Feel Less Lonely at Home

Aging in place is a preferable choice for many seniors because of comfort and familiarity. But, when the children become adults and have families of their own, aging parents tend to live alone at home.

Home Care: Building a Strong Patient-Caregiver Relationship

Many seniors want to spend their aging years in their own homes, not in an institutionalized facility. To address the difficulties they experience due to aging, many families consider home care services in Oakland County, Michigan.

Helping Aging Loved Ones Deal with Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain can range from mild to unbearable. Many families look for providers of in-home private duty care in Southfield, Michigan to assist loved ones suffering from arthritis pain. With a healthy lifestyle and proper care, you can help reduce or even eliminate the pain they are feeling.

Daily Lifestyle Habits that Seniors Should Practice

Aging makes some tasks difficult for seniors to do. As such, many of them opt to receive in home elderly care assistance in Southfield, Michigan. However, it is not only their physical health that needs to be maintained. Their mental upkeep must also receive attention. You have the opportunity to help them with the aging process by ensuring that they are mentally healthy.

Senior Adults Must Have Good Blood Circulation

Concerning the overall health of senior adults, blood circulation is often overlooked. Yes, poor blood circulation may only cause minor inconvenience at first, but it is likely to progress into a life-threatening health situation when left untreated. Therefore, it must be considered as a serious matter.

Your Phone Call Matters to Your Loved One

Sometimes, family members get so buried with their work schedules and other activities that they forget to return the messages that their older loved ones have left in their voicemail. Then, one day, they hear a heart-wrenching message, "Honey, you never call anymore. Anyway, please call me."

Stretching Is Good for Older Adults

Most people who love to exercise do some stretches first before they begin their workout routine. The same applies to older adults. However, they need to perform their exercise carefully so that they won’t strain their muscles and joints.

According to a consultant for in home elderly care assistance in Southfield, Michigan, since seniors’ bodies are rather delicate compared to younger adults, they should be careful with how they move their bodies.

Show Your Elderly Loved Ones That They Are Still Family

Your elderly loved ones are and will always be part of the family. They have raised you, given you love and affection, and supported you in every milestone of your life. However, as you meet your partner and raise a family of your own, it's not all the time you can be around for them anymore. As a provider of personal care services in Wayne County, Michigan, we know that your elderly adults can understand that you have other priorities. However, they still miss you and want to check on you from time to time. They also hope that you haven't forgotten about them.

Senior Adults Deserve Quality Companionship

When a person grows old, it can get lonely for them at home. Since they don't work or drive anymore, they can hardly go to places unless someone gives them a lift. They may not also see their old friends as often as before. Older adults need someone to give them productive entertainment and supervision at the same time. Our experienced caregivers for personal care services in Wayne County, Michigan can be there for them.

Learn the Symptoms of Anemia in Senior Adults

Anemia is common among senior adults. When they have iron deficiency or lack of vitamin B12, there is a high chance that they can develop anemia. You or someone from a home care agency in Southfield, Michigan must be aware of the symptoms so that your loved one can get treatment the soonest possible time. Any or a combination of the above symptoms can mean that your senior loved one is becoming anemic. You must take them to a doctor for checkup and assessment.

Family Dinners Matter to Senior Adults

Many senior adults are fond of family dinners. They can get to spend quality time with their loved ones and stay connected with them while enjoying a nice meal. A family get-together is also a chance for them to reminisce about the old times! Spending time with your senior parents is great for their health and well-being according to senior care experts from home care services in Oakland County, Michigan.

Know When Your Senior Adult Needs Assistance at Home

Many senior adults who live alone in their homes may start to Many senior adults who live alone in their homes may start to experience difficulty with their regular activities such as cooking, cleaning, and personal care over time. As a result, their quality of life will be affected. Your senior loved one may call you up and complain about experiencing backaches and hand arthritis. As someone who loves them so much, you will want them to enjoy living a comfortable life.difficulty with their regular activities.

Why Choose Home Care Instead of Facility Care

There are a lot of discussions concerning the difference between home care and facility care services. Depending on your loved one’s health condition and your life’s situation, choosing a reliable home care agency in Southfield, Michigan is still a better option for some considerable reasons.

Tips to Improve Senior Sleeping Routines

Sleep issues may happen more frequently to your senior loved one. They may talk about waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. While this can be a normal part of aging, not having enough sleep can lead to health complications and further decline of the immune system.

Benefits of In-Home Care Services

Caring for our elderly parents might be the most challenging task we will ever face. Their needs and moods vary from day-to-day but still, we need to keep them close to make sure that they are comfortable and they are well taken care of. Caring for an elderly will pose a challenge to everybody in the household because of the responsibility at hand. We need to take care of everything, from the time they wake up until the time that they go to bed. That’s too many tasks added to your usual daily routine. Families nowadays prefer in-home care services, it is more convenient, secure, and less time-consuming.

4 Perils of Caring for the Chronically Ill Without Professional Assistance

There are problems that can be solved by your own efforts. Outside help may then be pronounced unnecessary. But chronic illness is a different story; not only does it demand support from family, but it also requires assistance from an expert. When you have an elder at home who’s gone chronically ill, caring for them becomes an automatic response. But keeping the responsibility all to yourself could cause the following perils to spring to life:

The Importance of In-Home Care Services to Our Elderly

Our lives are full of happenings that, sometimes, we cannot keep up with. There’s work that needs to be done, and things to keep in check at all times. Sometimes, we are so caught up with our busy schedule that we tend to neglect the basic needs of the people who need us – our elderly loved ones.

Why You Should Consider Home Care for Your Senior Parents | Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC

As your parents get older, it would come at such a point where their personal needs can’t be met all by themselves. Living alone can predispose them to injuries and other dangerous situations. As much as you’d like to be in assistance as they age at home, it can become virtually impossible. You have to juggle your duties at home, at work; attending to your personal affairs, and then caring for them. That is why seeking professional help is the best option you must try.

Do You Need to Have a Healthy Diet? | Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC

As you grow older, do you need to consider improving your diet? It is always good to have a healthy and well-balanced diet and if the food you are eating is not considered to be healthy, and then yes you will want to consider improving your diet. The kinds of food you are eating can actually affect your health a lot more than you would think, especially when you are already at an advanced age. Through in home private duty care in Southeast Michigan, we can help you not only improve your health but also your diet.

Life as a Senior Citizen Does Not Have to be Hard

Just because you are a senior citizen, it does not mean you have to live a difficult and challenging life. Through the home care services in Oakland Counties Michigan, you are able to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable life at home. Heaven Sent Home Support Services LLC strives to help not only provide the personalized care you need but to also help you with the many things that give you stress.

5 Considerations in Looking for a Home Care Service

One of the most in-demand services you can find these days is home care. The number of people who are seeking out for it has increased significantly over the years. As the number goes up, so is the number of home care services you see around.

Nutrition for the Elderly: 6 Ways to Prevent Malnutrition

As we get older, we experience some changes in our body that would prompt us to get special nutritional needs. When we reach the stage of late adulthood, it becomes normal for us not to eat the right balance of nutritious foods. We tend to become too picky in choosing the food we eat or be less physically active than before. While these changes occur gradually, we may not be able to notice anything changing right away. Once these changes set in, we have a responsibility in helping our elderly loved one make necessary adjustments with his diet and eating patterns. If we don’t take this seriously, the patient may begin to suffer from health problems or malnutrition. — Read More

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    We are Heaven Sent Home Support Services, a home support agency that assists the elderly, ill and disabled with their activities of daily living. We do this first because we care and we want you and your loved ones to be able to continue to live in the comforts of your own home; in your environment, where you feel safe, respected and protected for as long as you want with our assistance. We do this by renewing trust, assurance and confidence in your hearts and your homes. Our caregivers are experienced, loving and caring whose backgrounds are thoroughly screened. They will come into your home and assist you with personal care, med reminder, meals, household chores, laundry and errands from 2 hours a day once a week to 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have been servicing Wayne and Oakland counties for over 12 years and we love what we do. We are providers for Detroit Area Agency on Aging, the Department of Human Services and a host of private pay clients as well; we are insured and bonded, advocates for the elderly community and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We would be honored to come into your homes and serve you because, It’s no coincidence; we are Heaven Sent.

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    Our vision is to see that you and/or your elderly, ill or disabled loved ones have the opportunity to choose to stay in your own home with minimal assistance at an affordable rate.

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    It is this Agency’s mission to rebuild trust, reliability, honor and security in the hearts of you and/or your elderly, ill or disabled loved ones.

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    Our pledge is to provide the greatest services and the finest caregivers that are carefully screened and selected to ensure that they are dedicated, obligated and honored to work for and service you and/or your elderly, ill or disabled loved ones.

    We sincerely hope that we can aid you and your loved one when looking for a reliable, loving, caring agency with experienced, reliable and loving caregivers. We look forward to working with you in the near future and we are delighted to have the opportunity to assist and care for you or your elderly, ill and disabled loved ones.

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