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Lesser Travelled Asian Cities You've Got to Visit in 2017 – Let's Get off the Popular Paths

We all know Bangkok, Colombo and Seoul as fabulous cities and you have experienced Hong Kong, Bali and more but what of the lesser known jewels of Asia? Check out these cities and really explore Asia. 🎎


Melaka – Malaysia

Melaka – Malaysia

By User:Vmenkov (Own work (Own photo)) GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Just about everyone overlooks Melaka in favour of bigger shinier cities like Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. But the sad fact is in doing so many tourists are missing out on the chance to really explore the country's vibrant history and traditions reflected in this fascinating city.

Melaka is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a picturesque riverside city that offers all the lures of a fabulous holiday destination.

A fine amalgamation of Portuguese and Dutch colonial architecture is reflected in the historical buildings while unique flower decked rickshaw rides are the most popular modes of transport when sightseeing. 🕍⛪️


Mui Ne – Vietnam

Mui Ne – Vietnam

Mui Ne sand dunes, Photo via PublicDomainPictures

Mui Ne is a beautiful little coastal town located about 15kms south of the country. What's unique about the place are the huge sand dunes that prove you don't need to head out to the Middle East for desert splendours.

A common sight in Mui Ne the sand dunes are one of its most popular attractions. Look out for Red Sand Dunes and White Sand Dunes on your way to the Fairy Stream another popular sight that is just too magical to describe. 🏜


Bagan – Myanmar

Bagan – Myanmar

Bagan, Myanmar, Archaeological Area , Photo via Pixabay

Beautiful Bagan in Myanmar has the highest collection of Buddhist relics across the world. The place boasts around 2,200 pagodas, temples and other religious sites ensuring there is plenty to explore and see in the city.

The spectacular surroundings are best explored via the popular hot air balloon rides that take place at sunset; a truly magical affair that will leave you with a sense of awe over this ancient city. 🏤


Chengdu – China

Chengdu – China

Giant Buddha Statue at Leshan in Chengdu, Sichuan, China - Photo via Good Free Photos

Chengdu is the capital of China's Sichuan Province popular across the globe for its delicious cuisine. The spicy dishes are flavoured with the Sichuan peppercorn that locals add to most hot pot dishes served in the city.

The world's largest seated Maitreya carved out of stone measuring at 71 metres is located here and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another popular attraction here is the Chengdu Research Base encouraging Giant Panda Breeding programmes. 🐼

You can join one of the programmes and try your hand at taking care of the gentle pandas. Fascinating Chengdu reviewed on The Vacation Gateway and other travel blogs is just one of the fascinating destinations one can choose to visit.

Acting as local travel guides for your city of choice these websites highlight offbeat destinations that are treats to explore.


Nara – Japan

Nara – Japan

Nandaimon (Great South Gate) of Todaiji Nara Japan , via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Nara is an hour from the historic city of Japan. Here too you are treated to a fine collection of vintage temples, shrines and ancient monasteries.

Look forward to exploring tranquil Zen gardens, museums and traditional neighbourhoods that take you back in time.

Check out the Daibutsu or Great Buddha within the Todai-ji Temple and enjoy the colourful precincts of Nara-koen Park well known for its species of semi-wild deer. 🐐