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Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc.

Sunshine HHA Organization, Inc. is a licensed home care organization serving greater San Diego County. When in the care of Sunshine, we assume the responsibility of providing the BEST possible care and assistance for you, your client, or your loved one.

Foods That Keep Bones in Great Shape | Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc.

We all know that our bones become brittle when we age. Once we reach the age of sixty, we start feeling changes in our bodies. These changes add to the risk of getting accidents or diseases which affect our skeletal system.

Fun Facts: What is the Role of an Athletic Trainer?

As the young and young at hearts become more involved in sports today, it is essential to get to know the people who will help us become the best athlete we can be. We often call our trainers “Coach” while some get a little cozy and just call them “bro” or “sir”. Whatever we call them, our coaches are often our stepping stone to mastering the sports that we love.

What You Need to Know about Respiratory Diseases

What are you seeing in your senior adults’ health? Are they coughing constantly despite being well-rested? Is their sneezing endless and often coupled by whooping cough? When these signs are evident, it may not be a good indicator of their health. Although cough and colds are normal body reactions when we grow older, if it is in its worse form, we must not take it likely.

Home Care vs. Home Health Aide: What’s the Better Care Option for Your Senior Loved one? | Sunshine Home Health Aide ...

As your parents start to age, especially after retirement, it’s time to decide what is the best care option for them. And because most seniors would definitely choose to stay at home, you will look into care options that are given at home. The most common and often mixed up is the home care and the home health aide, which we provide in exceptional quality at Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc, the most trusted home care company in La Mesa California. While people usually get confused between the two, they actually differ in terms of the focus of care.

Understanding Bipolar Disorder in the Elderly

Bipolar disorder affects all age groups; however, recent studies show that there is an increase of this disorder among seniors and is expected to grow as the Baby Boomers start to enter this stage. Untreated bipolar disorder can worsen over time and in most cases, this disorder is often diagnosed later in life.

5 Important Tips for Caregiving Bipolar Disorder Loved Ones | Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc.

Most of the time, caring for a loved one with bipolar disorder is considered as a “labor of love”. There will be moments that their behavior could be very exhausting and mentally draining which might somehow turn out to be the things that would happen on a day-to-day basis. Family caregivers are often subjected to different unwanted effects.

4 Things You Need to know about your Athletic Trainers

Are you an athlete? Do you love to play sports like soccer, basketball, or even baseball?
Surely, you have heard of an athletic trainer. For athletes and other sports enthusiasts,
they know the value of athletic trainers. These are the people who can help them win a game and
can help them condition their body in order to last through the game.

Improving Your Nutrition for a More Independent Life

Your nutrition is very important when you want to maintain your health as you age. This is because the food we eat affects our body and health in every aspect. Certain kinds of food can help improve your energy, others can help improve your eyesight, and others can help your skin, and so on and so forth. This is why it is important to have a nutritional and balanced diet for a healthy life.

How Companionship Can Help Beat Loneliness for Homebound Individuals

Are you unable to go out and socialize due to your poor health or fragility brought by old age? When you are homebound, the amount of activities that you can do becomes limited. While TV, the radio, and other modern technology can help keep you entertained, there is still something different about having someone with you at home.

How Can You Reduce Stress?

It is important to find ways to reduce this stress as it can lead to many serious health conditions.

How Can Sleep Benefit Senior Citizens?

Regardless of age, sleep plays an important role in our health and ability to function properly throughout the day. However, the effects of sleep and the consequences of not enough sleep will become more obvious the older we become. Sleep is crucial for not only for our physical health but also for our mental health.

Fun Activities That Senior Citizens Can Do With the Family

If you are looking for something that you can do with your elderly loved one that involves the family, here are some great activities you can keep in mind. These activities are not only fun but they are a great way to bring the family closer together and to strengthen bonds.

Why Colostomy Is Necessary?

Food consumption is a necessity to survive. It is by eating that we can get the nutrients and vitamins we need to sustain our healthy body. Our digestive system does all the steps to get everything out from what we eat. By-products from what we eat have to be excreted since it no longer contains nutritional value. These by-products contain toxins that’s why it has to be excreted in a regular manner.

Reasons Why Seniors Need Help at Home

Our senior loved ones want to enjoy the comfort at home and at the same time the company of someone whom they can talk to and share some stories with. They also need assistance in doing daily chores and activities.

Effective Methods for Reducing Stress at an Advanced Age

Stress is a common problem that all of us share. However, the older we get the more risk stress can pose to our health and lifestyle; this is why it is so important to find methods for stress relief. Stress is known to cause numerous health problems such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, dementia, high blood pressure, and accelerated aging.

Get Moving! Exercises Senior Citizens Can Do at Home

As a senior citizen, it is crucial to have regular physical activity to maintain your health. You do not have to go out and run a marathon but something as simple as walking for thirty minutes a day can have life-changing benefits that will allow you to maintain your youth and lifestyle for much longer.

4 Facts You Probably Do Not Know About Asthma

Coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing: these are just some things familiar to people with asthma.

Athletic Trainer: Training Tips to Be Safe from Injury

Are you training for an athletic event? Or are you just starting your work out?

The Advantages of Recovering at Home

Recovering at home is one of the best things you can do when you are healing.

Physical Therapy: Finding the Motivation to Keep Going

One of the most difficult parts about physical therapy is not the actual therapy but finding the motivation to get up every day and to push yourself harder and harder until you are better than you have ever been.

Common Challenges Faced by People with Physical Disability

A physical disability can be caused by different factors. It may due to natural aging, a chronic illness, or an unfortunate accident.

Speed Up Recovery with Home Care

The majority of people opt to recover at home over staying in the hospital.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Manage Your Medications

There are billions of medicines that are dispensed and used every year. With this overwhelming volume, the need for an improved medication management system becomes even more important.

5 Small Habits to Take Care of Yourself

The daily life of a caregiver can be hectic. It doesn’t get any easier when you have a long list of things to do. But no matter how busy life gets, your downtimes are necessary. There are many self-care tips that circulate in both print and digital media – from eating right to smiling bright.

Advantages Of Hiring A Private Nurse For Your Home Care Needs

As a leading Home Care Company in La Mesa California, we are proud to provide our clients with the highest standards of nursing care services. From Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, to Licensed Vocational Nurses, our nurses dedicate their time and expertise to provide the care that you need at home.