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Trending Technology in Education

Below you will find a few pieces of information regarding 3 technology tools that are trending in education. Coding, Maker Space's and Virtual Reality are tools that every teacher could implement in their everyday teaching! Check out the websites, blogs and videos for more information.

Google Expeditions

Imagine exploring coral reefs or the surface of Mars in an afternoon. With Expeditions, teachers can take students on immersive, virtual journeys.

What Most Schools Don't Teach

Learn about a new "superpower" that isn't being taught in 90% of US schools. Starring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg,, Chris Bosh, Jack Dorsey, Tony H...

Blockly Games

Games for tomorrow's programmers.

Why Learning to Code Benefits Kids, Regardless of Future Career Choice | Connections Academy


Beth Werrell
Published December 4, 2014
· Updated February 2, 2017

Coding for Kids: The Benefits Are Greater Than You Know. - An Educational Blog for Parents

Research backs up the benefits of coding for kids. Kids who learn coding and programming logic are better problem solvers, have stronger analytical reasoning skills, and become more involved, inquisitive learners and have a drive to construct knowledge. It's also a STEM discipline, one that teaches coding to kids, how the internet works, how many systems they rely on function. It's also a skill critical for a global economy driven by technology.

Makerspaces: the Benefits

The benefits of educational makerspaces are many and varied. While they do not come without their challenges, makerspaces can have a significant impact on student learning and development. In fact, makerspaces were recently identified as one of six important developments in educational technology for K-12 education by the New Media Consortium (NMC) Horizon Report for…

60+ Makerspace Ideas for Maker Education | Maker space

Over 60 Maker space ideas for your Maker / STEM program.  Collected from top maker educators.  These ideas are sure to light a spark in you & your students

**You can follow these ideas on twitter- @Makerspaces_com

114 Tips to Create a STEAM Makerspace in Schools

Do you ever wonder what you should include in a STEAM makerspace in schools? Here's a complete list of everything you'll need for maximum classroom impact.

Students Explore the Earth and Beyond with Virtual Field Trips -- THE Journal

A growing number of organizations are developing virtual field trips and supporting technology to make it easier for teachers to provide their students with these valuable learning experiences.

Virtual Field Trips - Google+

Virtual Field Trips connects cultural institutions like museums, zoos and aquariums with schools and non-profits around the country via Google+ Hangouts On A...

Designing for virtual reality and the impact on education | Alex Faaborg | TEDxCincinnati

Alex Faaborg shares how Virtual Reality introduces unique challenges for interface design, and opens up incredible opportunities for the future of art, journ...

The Pros And Cons Of Using Virtual Reality In The Classroom - eLearning Industry

Want to know about the pros and cons of using Virtual Reality In The Classroom? Check the pros and cons of using Virtual Reality In The Classroom.