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Great Ways to Use a Conservatory

Few people would argue that a conservatory is a great addition to your home, providing more space for you and your family, but also helping to add value to your property, should you choose to sell at some point. Arguably, what makes a conservatory so popular is just how versatile the space can be – if you are looking to invest in a conservatory but aren’t sure exactly what you will use the space for, we have some great tips for you.


Grow plants

Grow plants

Did you know that the first conservatories were designed for the purpose of growing plants that would otherwise not thrive in the British climate? From small potted plants and herbs to a full-on indoor garden, conservatories are great for plant growth. The glazed windows of conservatories are great for focusing the sun’s rays to help plants grow – even citrus varieties of plants such as oranges, lemons or limes can grow in a conservatory.


Create a bright and airy dining room

Create a bright and airy dining room

If you want to make the most of meal times with your family, then why not create a conservatory dining room? What could be better than sitting down with your family, in a light and airy room with a view of your garden. A conservatory dining room could also be an ideal place to hold dinner parties all year-round.


Make the most of the sun

Make the most of the sun

Most people enjoy relaxing in the sun, talking with friends, or reading a book and enjoying some peace and quiet. However, British summers can be pretty short-lived and even on sunny days, it can sometimes be a little too cold outside to sit comfortably. Here’s where a conservatory comes in – create a sun room where you can enjoy the sun even on the days where the sun is out, but it’s too cold or windy to enjoy relaxing outside.


Invest in a home gym

If you feel like you’re paying expensive gym memberships on a monthly basis and struggling to find the time or motivation to actually go on a regular basis, a home gym could be the answer. By furnishing a conservatory with some simple gym apparatus, you could be enjoying the same exercise benefits without having to leave your home. As a conservatory is a bright space, the rays of the sun could also be a great motivational tool to get you working up a sweat without feeling self-conscious.


Brighten up your home office

If you work from home, or often find that there is work to do when you get home from work, it’s a good idea to set up an office away from the distractions of your home. By creating a dedicated office room, this could do wonders for productivity. Sunlight provides the vitamin D we need for energy and motivation, and boosts levels of Serototin in the body, which helps to improve our mood.

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Be more social

Be more social

In a dream home, many people want an area for a games room, or social gatherings. That’s where a conservatory can help – by providing the perfect place to create a social space. This means you can have visitors over and gatherings galore, without worrying that the rest of your house will be subject to heavy use. Conservatories are also fantastic for housing things like snooker tables, a poker table or arcade games, which is a brilliant option for those young at heart.


Get crafty

Need some space to sprawl out with your crafting gear? Fed up of having to pack all your equipment up to keep the place tidy? Well, a conservatory can be the perfect place to turn into your crafting haven – you’ll have plenty of light to help you sew those buttons on, you’ll be away from the main part of the house and you won’t have to pack everything up once you’ve finished with it. Perfect!


Give the kids space for play

Give the kids space for play

Conservatories can make great spaces for kids to enjoy themselves and can be fantastic places to store children’s toys and art materials. From clever storage and bright colours to bean bags and comfy seating, they can also be the perfect place to spark your child’s imagination and limit any mess to one room.

But it doesn’t stop there, conservatories can give easy access to your garden, giving your kids an easy route outside – which means no muddy hallway!


Extend your Kitchen

Extend your Kitchen

Fancy a bigger kitchen or an open plan kitchen diner? Building an extension can be a costly exercise, but an expertly built conservatory can give you the space you need at a fraction of the cost. If you’re lucky enough to have your kitchen located at the rear of your property, opening it up with a conservatory can give you the space you need and add significant value to your home.


Make an open-plan living space

Open plan living is all the rage and what better way to create an open space than with a conservatory? Whether you need an office space or a dining room, or simply want to make a room bigger, there’s no easier way to open up your home.


Make breakfast the most important meal of the day

If you don’t fancy the formality of eating your breakfast at the dining room table, but worry about dropping crumbs on the living room carpet, conservatories can provide the perfect place to eat your morning nosh. You’ll also get to soak up the outside environment and enjoy all the light on offer, setting you up for the day ahead.

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