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Best Water Purifiers for Home

List of best water purifiers for home under RO, UV and UF or gravity water purifiers category. Detailed Reviews, ratings, specifications, features, price in India.

Best Gravity Based Water Purifiers | Non Electric Water Purifier in India

Top 5 gravity based water purifier India. Read features, specification, Pros and cons, price, reviews and ratings of best non-electric water purifiers in India.

Gravity based water purifiers work on the principle of gravity which basically means water filtration will be done through normal gravity process. The best advantage of gravity based water purifier is, it does not even require electricity. It is also cost effective method of water purification. If TDS level on water in your area is low, you can consider buying a Gravity Water Purifier for home.

RO vs UV vs UF Water Purifiers- Difference between RO, UV and UF Purification Technologies

RO vs UV vs UF Water Purifiers- Read differences between RO, UF and UV water purification technologies and find which is the best water purifier to cuy. > quote hereCompare the three major water purifier technologies, RO vs UV vs UF, which are widely used in India. After you all are well aware of the differences between ro, uf & uv water purification technologies, you can decide which is the best water purifier to buy for you and your family.> quote here

Acceptable TDS Level For Drinking Water | Best Water Purifier India

Find minimum acceptable TDS level for drinking water according to the BIS and WHO. Learn how to measure and remove excess TDS in drinking water.

Gravity Water Purifier Buying Guide - Compare Water Purifiers

Complete Buying Guide for gravity water purifier with detailed water purification process using activated carbon filter and UF filter. Must read buying tips for gravity based water purifiers.

Top 10 Best Water Purifiers for Home with Price in April 2017 | Water Purifiers Experts

By analyzing features, price, durability, maintenance etc. here is the list of India's top 10 best Ro water purifier for home from leading purifiers brands.

Top 3 Best Water Purifier for Home 2017

Find top 3 best water purifier in India 2017 for domestic purpose. Compare and buy best RO UV UF water purifier to ensure potable drinking water.

Top UV Water Purifiers to Choose From in India | Water Purifiers Experts

UV water purifiers don’t use any chemicals to remove the contaminants present in water. These purifiers are ideal for purifying water which contain a lot of bacteria, molds and other disease causing microorganisms. The purifiers use ultra-violet rays remove the microorganisms. The ultra violet rays penetrate the microorganisms and is absorbed by the DNA of the pathogen. The DNA is modified in such a way that the microorganisms stop the reproduction of the organisms. The UV rays eliminate 99% of the germs present in water. If you are planning to get a water purifier, we are here to help you out.

UV purifiers have become quite popular in India. However, choosing the best filter can be difficult. The blog lists top 5 UV water purifiers for home.

KENT Grand Plus Price, Reviews | Water Purifier with RO+UV+UF+TDS

KENT Grand Plus is India's Highest selling RO Water Purifier which features double purification by RO + UV + UF with TDS controller. It can remove all kind of impurities from water including suspended & dissolved impurities, heavy metals, pesticides etc. from water.