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06 Must Do Things in Chengdu – Home of the Giant Panda

China's historical city Chengdu known as the land of abundance has much to offer. Boasting a history of 2300 years and a rich culture the home of the panda has many tourist activities as listed below.


Start with the Obvious – Giant Pandas

Head over to the Dujiangyan Panda Base where you can take part in panda keeping programmes. Enjoy taking care of the gentle and lovable giants by participating in any of the programmes on offer. Well worth checking out are courses such as, introduction to giant panda and visiting the panda breeding and research centre. Not to be missed are the tours on offer; 'Panda keeper and Chengdu highlights tour' as well as the 'one day panda wonderland tour'.


Enjoy the Magical Face Changing Techniques of Sichuan Opera

Sichuan Opera is not to be missed when in Chengdu; part of these reverting performances are magical face changing techniques adopted by the skilled performers. Varied masks are used in the drama to express characters moods and face changing is done with such a skill that it deserves special attention. Sichuan opera is performed by highly skilled magicians, acrobats and fire dancers who put up an enchanting performance. Face changing is managed by performers wearing multiple masks which are changed at lightning speed to reveal different emotions. Just under 4kms from the Somerset Riverview Chengdu is the Chengdu Tea House; there you can catch one of these marvellous opera performances.


Visit the Giant Leshan Buddha

A World Heritage Site the Leshan Giant Buddha is the world's largest seated Maitreya measuring at a height of 71 metres and width of 24 metres. Those of you enjoying accommodation in Chengdu can opt to take on the Giant Panda and Giant Buddha Tour which is a one day programme that lets you enjoy the most iconic attractions of the area.


Explore the Many Historical Sites

Boasting a history of over 2300 Chengdu has many fascinating historical sites to explore; covering the rich culture, religious icons and Taoism. Some must visit sites include The Sanxingdui Archaeological Site and Museum, Wuhou Memorial Temple and the amazing Jinsha ruin. Recommended is the four day historic tour which covers the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Chengdu.


Enjoy a Dose of Religious Culture

Visit Mount Emei which is one of the four revered Buddhist Mountains in China. The place is very popular especially in summer due to its stunning surroundings and culture. This too is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to snowy hills, ancient pagodas and icy forests. High season is from mid-December to late March while the family friendly ski slopes draw major crowds.


Enjoy the Flavours of Chuan Cuisine

Chuan is one of the more popular cuisines in China; loved for its spicy, fragrant flavours the dishes are varied and colourful. Head over to Jinli Old Street for a wide choice of all that Chuan cuisine has to offer while a Chengdu cuisine tour will take you on a marvellous journey of culinary delights.