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The War Painter is the online directory of commission painters from around the globe.


Ben Makepeace Art

MultipleGolden Demon winner, White Dwarf writer, showcase and army painter. Years with Games Workshop Judging Golden Demon at State and National Level. Now I support local tournaments and work in …

Commission Painter Profile – David Colwell

David hails from beautiful Melbourne town and wrote the Orc skin tutorial in The Golden D6 Issue Eight.

Adam Weller’s Miniature Painting Studio

Paintedfor many years, lots of satisfied customers. Display painting ONLY, I am NOT an army painter.

Den Of Imagination

Denof Imagination takes commisions for all wargaming miniaturs. If you need painting, converting, sculpting, assembling, LED lights – literally anything regarding the hobby, don\’t hes…

Commission Painter Profile – BenSquig

Ben “BenSquig” Makepeace hails from South Australia and, as you can see in the slideshow below is a painter of amazing talent!Secret or loud and proud painter/gamer? Loud and Proud sinc…

Awaken Realms

Weare a professional miniature painting studio – with us you can be sure that you will get awesome quality at a good price. We are working on a full spectrum of models: Warhammer 40 000, Warhammer…

Whitewash Studio

Get your models painted up to a professional standard with commission painting from Whitewash Studio and have them looking great on the tabletop. Not only do I play the games I paint I prefer this …

The Marcus Miniatures

HeyGuys! I am Marcus, studio painter since 2014 and an award winning artist. Crystal Brush 17, 50WOG16 Gold. I offer a lot of commission levels, from Speed painted to display quality. Free interna…

Beerzerks Painting

Hithere! I’m a professional commission Painter located at Hungary. I started to paint in 2009 and it’s part of my life nowadays. I won several Hungarian painting competitions across th…

Obelisk Miniature Painting

Mademy passion for the hobby into my job! Painting for 7+ years, professionally now for 1. Awarded best painted at NZ Nationals 2017

First Blood Painting

I’mDan, and I am a Warhammer addict, I’ve been playing and painting for over 15 years. I love everything about the setting and games, especially painting the gorgeous models. I put eve…

WWIIW Miniature Art

Ispend 48/64 hours every week hobbying out on various commission projects, always looking for more projects I can work on as long as I can hobby out on them any project will receive my love.

Fane Of Illusion

Fulltime painting service since 2008 located in Germany and a registered company. I paint miniatures for gaming and display standard.

Deamons at Work

Weare a small hard working studio that really enjoys the hobby side of things. We truly love working on miniatures and giving the best results possible! As we enjoy the hobby side the most, we kee…

Oldworld miniatures

CompleteWarhammer nut. Been painting over 20yrs.

Green Goblin Studio

GreenGoblin Studio is an independent miniature painting studio based out of Bristol, UK. We love to paint everything from fantasy to sci-fi, steampunk to superheroes, humans to monsters and Blood …

Shoshie’s Magnificent Mini Painting

I’ma classically trained artist with a degree in fine art. I paint single showcase pieces and special characters and small skirmish sets rather than armies. I only paint one level and that&#…

Iron Keep

IronKeep Studio is where terrain building and miniature painting is not only a way of making money but a mixture of passion and addiction, most of all. Iron Keep Studio is a small home run venture…

Shattered Skull Studio

Iam Sebastian a Full time Commission painter for all kind of Miniatures, Systems, Boardgames, RPG`s etc. We offer you different levels of paintings. Like Basic Tabletop Standards up to Showcase. W…

Mini Brothers

I am a commission painter and love what I do! Most of my work right now is just large and fast orders, but I’d love to get into full detail and special effects painting eventually :)

Houndstooth Miniature Painting

I enjoy painting a wide variety of tabletop miniatures – including but not limited to WH40K, Warmachine/Hordes, Kingdom Death, Infinity, Malifaux, Age of Sigmar, Guild Ball.

Ghost Squadron 393

Commissionpainter based in Scotland, concentrating mainly on Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars games systems but with a background in general wargames and showcase figure painting so will consider …

Painter Profile – Whitewash Studio

I am a proud painter but don’t like to shout about it, keeping some class is always good, my work and accolades speak for them self.I have been collecting toy soldiers for as long as I can remember

Top Miniatures - The War Painter

Top Miniatures is a registered, tax-paying company from Romania, Europe, and a team of expert painters and artists which can work on any project you can imagine. We stand out from the other commission painting services due to the very high-quality standards we offer, for very reasonable prices, short turnaround times and a very good …

Stiff Neck Studio - The War Painter

25% discount on miniatures
Free resin bases
Fast turn around