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Updated by All Weather Leisure on Jul 04, 2017
Headline for Making the Most Out of Your Hot Tub This Summer
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Making the Most Out of Your Hot Tub This Summer

It’s a beautiful summer’s evening and the barbecue is in full swing while your friends and family mingle and soak up the last few rays of the evening. While preparing the next round of cocktails, you wonder how to get the most out of your latest investment – your new hot tub.
A hot tub can be used at any time of year, but the summer is likely to be the one season where you use it the most, so here are our tips to help you ensure that you’re using your hot tub to its full potential this season.


Too hot for a hot tub?

Too hot for a hot tub?

No problem! All you have to do is turn the jets off and leave the cover off for maximum heat loss. While it may take some time to cool your hot tub down, some spas have a cooling system that can do the job faster. When you’ve found the perfect temperature and you’re not using the hot tub, pop the cover back on to ensure that the water doesn’t soak up heat from the sun.


Add a touch of music

If you’re having a soiree, you might want to add a touch of ambient music to the celebrations. Choosing a hot tub that has an inbuilt Bluetooth sound system, such as the Jacuzzi J280 or J425.


Check your spa's settings

Investigate whether your spa is equipped with a summertime mode that will reduce filter time and lower the temperature of the water.


Consider shade

Consider shade

While a hot tub might be a fabulous place to relax and talk the day away, it can be easy to forget about the sun which could cause things like heat stroke. Ensure that your hot tub has some shade, either with an umbrella, a gazebo or building.


Create a cozy environment

Making the space around your hot tub inviting and attractive is sure to set the area off. Add a pop of colour with a range of flowers, ornaments, seating arrangements and colourful cushions.


Cover up

It’s not just people that need protecting from the sun – your hot tub does too. Make sure you invest in a good quality hot tub cover that can protect your spa from the damaging UV rays of the sun.




If you fancy making your hot tub the centre of the party, accessorising with things like a wine cooler with champagne flute holders, or a slip resistant hot tub smart bar can really add a touch of class.


Add some aromatherapy

It might have been a hard week, or you could have aching shoulders from all the gardening you’ve been doing – so adding a touch of aromatherapy to your hot tub can help to alleviate those stresses. The natural salt dissolves and softens the skin, while the fusion of the essential oils will relax the senses.


Keep it clean

Although it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the wonderful things your new hot tub can do, it’s important to remember to give it a proper clean approximately every three months. This will help to keep you and your loved ones safe from serious bugs that can linger in the machine.


Be safe

Encourage your guests to enter and exit the water carefully. When your body changes temperature quickly, it can result in light headedness that can cause you to be unsteady on your feet.

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