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List of Water Sports to Try When in Maldives – Thrills and Fun in the Waters

The lovely Maldives Islands are recognised as one of the world's most remarkable holiday destinations. Here you will have the opportunity to engage in a number of water sports like those below.


Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a popular water activity in the Maldives Islands where you will find excellent conditions for this pursuit. At diving locations in the Maldives, you will encounter channels that are swept by currents and pinnacles which act as magnets, drawing in many kinds of marine creatures. A highlight in the Maldives is its splendid coral reefs which present a captivating sight for the diver. As you might expect you will find a myriad of sea creatures at diving sites in the Maldives such as parrotfish, Napoleon wrasse, jacks, sweetlips, snappers and many others. You may even have the opportunity to spot large sea creatures like sharks and manta rays.



The Maldives is an attractive environment for windsurfing as you will encounter favourable conditions for the sport. The dependable winds, warm waters and appealing lagoons that you will find in the Maldives are sure to delight windsurfing enthusiasts. Probably the most favourable season for windsurfing in the Maldives would be the period extending from May through October, when the winds flow freely and the wetter season comes into its own. Although windsurfing may not be the easiest water sport to learn, once mastered it is undoubtedly an enjoyable and rewarding pastime. Gliding across the waves with the sea breezes for company as you windsurf in the Maldives is sure to be a memorable experience.



With so many appealing fish lurking in the waters of the Maldives it is not surprising that it is reputed as a rewarding environment for fishing enthusiasts. Taking a fishing trip in the Maldives is sure to be an unforgettable experience that you will look back on fondly. In the Maldivian waters, you will find plenty of game fish such as black marlin, blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, wahoo, giant trevally, snapper, grouper, barracuda, pompano and more. If you choose to undertake a fishing excursion you will have the opportunity to head out to the ocean waters in order to have a good chance of snaring a good catch. However, you must keep the local fishing regulations in mind. A choice of accommodation that you could consider from where you will be able to engage in many of these things to do in Maldives would be the pleasingly located Adaaran Select Meedhupparu.


Jet Skiing

What could be more enjoyable than cruising over the waters of the Indian Ocean on your personal jet ski? Jet skiing may be considered to be a comparatively easy water sport to master; you may well be able to pilot your personal water craft confidently after some practice. Gliding across the waters of the Maldives with the tropical sun overhead and the sea breezes in your hair is sure to become a memory to treasure. If you are a novice at riding a jet ski you will have the opportunity to hire the services of an instructor who will guide you in learning this skill.


Banana Boat Rides

Going on a banana boat ride will be an enthralling experience that many visitors to the Maldives will be able to enjoy as it does not require any specialised skills. In this exciting water sport riders will sit astride a banana-shaped inflated craft which is pulled by a motor boat. The driver of the motor boat will take the banana boat riders on a thrilling and unpredictable ride, so that the riders must hang on to keep themselves astride the banana boat. As you might expect, this is often an exciting and hilarious activity.