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Top 5 Interesting Topics

Top 5 Interesting Topics that you want to read...

Top 5 Most Violent Video Games

Video games are made to entertain people, but these top 5 inspired pleasure due to it’s violent content. The top five most controversial video games are as follows.

10 Fitness Facts That Will Inspire You to Exercise on a Daily Basis

Every time a new member joins to a gym, many questions keep roaming around inside the brain of the newcomers. However, there are few fitness facts which you should get familiar with for a healthy and vigorous life. The ten points of concern that people should focus on a healthy lifestyle are illustrated below. These facts will inspire you a lot and with the motivation, you can start a new day with a nice workout schedule.

5 Interesting and Unknown Facts About Facebook

You have been using Facebook for so long to connect with your friends and family. But, do you know there’s much more to do on this social platform than just liking, commenting and posting pictures and videos. Here are the five secrets about Facebook you might be interested in.

The Most Exotic Places to Visit Around the World

The passionate traveler will not loose a chance to go anywhere he or she likes or get fascinated by the stories and pictures of the places. This is a kind of relive their lives and getting the actual taste of the much wandering nature.

Top 5 Bollywood Movies That Got Banned By the Censor Board

The Bollywood has faced quite a good amount of problems regarding movie release issues.And for this audience has missed some classic masterpieces. In the past few years, the Censor board has banned some good number of movies, including some of the best Bollywood movies of all time.

Top 5 Celebrities To Follow If You Are Looking For Some Fitness Motivation

We have all tried our level best to keep up with our fitness resolutions. While some delay it to Mondays, others think that start of the month is the best time. Here is an idea to make sure you follow your dream fitness regime. Nowadays several celebrities have Instagram and Snapchat accounts. Here they constantly post great pictures from their workout regime to give you that extra boost of motivation. So if you are looking for some inspiration, follow these five celebrities.

Top 5 Most Powerful Web Companies In The World

Known globally, these five web portals with it’s products and services have made everyone’s life easy and convenient. Easy to use and accessible at any part of the world, these five most powerful web companies of the world have changed the face and way of doing business.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Hackers In The World

Computer criminals or hackers have many a time breached and interfered into the security systems all over the world. Surprisingly, after serving their terms in prison, they are doing respectable jobs. Here are the top 5 most dangerous hackers in the world who left no stone unturned to give sleepless nights to the big companies.

Top 5 Longest Novels

Have you ever read a book with word count reaching almost 10 lakh. Well, there are many longest novels in the world written so well that they also gained praise from public and renowned awards. Here are the top 5 longest novels you would like to know about.

Top 5 Most Overcrowded Countries In The World

The view of beaches and green hills are so mesmerising that no one pays any attention on the population. All one wants is to see the beauty and enjoy the holiday. Although Maldives and Mauritius are in the list of top five overcrowded places in the world, still they are visited by the tourists the most.

Top 5 Deepest Places On Earth

Our planet earth is full of mysteries and wonders, and there are many places on earth which are full of dangers and life risking. Today, we will talk about deepest places on earth, as whosoever tried to touch them, either risked his life or lost his life. Here are the top 5 deepest places on earth and some interesting facts about them.

5 Female Actors Who Gave Second Chance To Their Life Partners

We hear a lot about celebrities divorces and separations, but there are these actresses who have compromised with life and forgiven their partners so that their relationship can work out. Here are the 5 female actors who chose to give second chance to their marriage.

Revisiting 5 Moments When Kareena And Taimur Stole Our Hearts

Last December we saw a young man join the Bollywood bandwagon. He was none other than our favorite couple, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s son Taimur Ali. While his journey started with a huge uproar surrounding his name, he soon became everyone’s favorite. Today we have tried to revisit his Bollywood journey via his five best cameos till date.