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Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatments - Physical & Mental Bliss

Ayurveda uses primitive yet effective methods of healing which constitutes only natural ingredients like the use of traditional oils & balms made out of medicinal plants.


What is Ayurveda treatment all about?

Though mostly these oils and balms are not all that pleasing it certainly does well to those in need of treatment. Even today, many rely on the healing power of Ayurvedic treatments and are mostly observed opting for such therapies when western medicine does a little help.

Ayurvedic Spa treatments are not just about beautification and relaxation. They go much beyond into de-stressing your mind-body as well as spirit. They promote overall wellness and purify and restore the optimal balance of the body. Among the many types of Ayurvedic Spa treatments that are offered around the world, three stand prominent. They are Abhyanga, Swedana, and Shirodhara. Abhyanga is a deep massage done using medicated oils that are appropriate to your doshas or ailments. The massage is usually done by two Ayurvedic masseuses who work on your body to get it rid of toxins and improve lymph flows. The rhythmic oil massage also enhances your immunity, stimulates circulation. If you're suffering from body aches or pains.


Stress Management

Stress is the main cause of various medical ailments. Stress can be loosely translated to the loss of mental peace and may manifest in different ways such as irritability, nerves, and insomnia. Other symptoms include high blood pressure, migraines, hypertension, ulcerative colitis and heart disease among many others. More common with those working long hours and living in rapid-paced environments such as urban areas, stress can be treated with the aid of Ayurvedic remedies to a considerable extent. When it comes to treating stress and reducing the symptoms such as anxiety and the various physical manifestations, calming herbs and soothing techniques are used. Natural drugs promoting medha or intellect are carefully used to relieve stress and to enhance peace of mind.


Ayurvedic medical treatments

Sri Lanka is famous for its highly developed Ayurvedic medical treatments. In fact, there are many travellers out there, who simply travel to the country to try out these treatments. Be sure to stay at a Sri Lanka spa hotel such as the Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort if you are planning to visit this country and be transported to vistas of relaxation and tranquility with the soothing touch of ayurvedic treatments.


Acne problem

Acne is caused by a number of things. Stress, excess oil production, environmental conditions, lack of cleanliness and hormonal imbalances can all result in acne in some people at some point in their lives. While acne tends to clear off as people go past their teens, some people continue to experience outbreaks for most parts of their lives. In Ayurveda, acne is considered to be a result of Pitta dosha aggravation. Pitta dosha can be aggravated by eating too much fried or oily foods, tea, coffee, alcohol as well as conditions such as pollution, tension, stress and exposure to harsh chemicals. In order to treat acne, the Ayurvedic treatments will start with a change in eating habits and prescribe various natural ingredients with cleansing properties. For instance, garlic, lime, and turmeric are widely used to treat acne in all ages and fetch great results.

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