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Types of Corals in Maldives – A Dazzling Array of Majestic Colours and Shapes

There are 26 coral atolls in Maldives supporting large volumes of marine organisms and beautiful sea life. A well-guarded natural gem the reefs are part of the country's economy; diverse and exotic.


Let's Look at the Coral Reefs

Spectacular and beautiful the coral reefs are in spirit the life source of the Maldivian Islands. The reefs serve the purpose of harbouring the beautiful marine life that thrives within the Indian Ocean; once this coral die they create new islands within the archipelago. Hence the policy most Maldivians adopt is the theory that without corals there are no islands; corals reefs are now closely guarded and treated with utmost fragility. Contrary to your belief corals are animals and not plants and when diving do take care for some of these tentacle endowed beauties have the power to sting; an ability used for ensnaring little fish. For further proof coral are organisms, you should place a branch under a microscope which will reveal the intricate structure of the species.


Intriguing Brain Coral

Growing to humongous heights of six feet Brain Corals are easy to spot. They will also outlive a few human generations as their life span is measured at 900 years. A night dive is best for observing the plant feeding via extended tentacles which is the opposite of the docile coral you encounter during the day.


Cup Coral that looks like - Cups

A cup coral is so named since it does look like a cup. A larger sized coral will be about 10 inches while others may be smaller and vary in sizes


Staghorn Coral Grow In Many Environs

Staghorn coral spreads very fast. Their location cannot be pinpointed as you may find this coral on the surface of a coral reef as well as on the seabed at depths of over 30 feet. The rather fragile coral does not survive too well in stormy weather, hence its quick reproduction system ensures the numbers never dwindle. Proving this theory; the Staghorn was one of the first coral types to regenerate after the 80's El Nino effect that devastated much of the Maldives coral reefs. Back on track, the beautiful archipelago offers visitors a memorable adventure exploring these colourful life forms. Staying at a Maldives resort hotel means you simply swim over to the nearest coral reef. A marvellous adventure especially if you are enjoying a stay at a water bungalow; offered at many resorts similar to Adaaran Club Rannalhi Maldives.


Check Out the Whip Coral

If you come across a rope that seems to be attached to the seabed; most likely it is a Whip Coral. The only difference is they are quite rigid, unlike a rope. Coral Whip are spotted at greater depths serving as favoured hiding arenas for Xeno crab, shrimp and the little Goby's; mind you all these varieties are intriguing masters of disguise.