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Top 10 Episodes for The Full Ratchet

2. Venture Capital… Angels, Funds & Entrepreneurs (Chris Yeh)

Chris Yeh addresses: What is VC? What type of asset class? Similarities & differences to public equities? What is a venture fund & what are it's key

3. Angel Investing 101 (David S. Rose)

David S. Rose addresses: Accreditation. Opportunities for the non-accredited? Angels vs. VCs? Characteristics required to be a successful angel investor?

4. The Startup Ecosystem “Key players” (Howard Tullman)

Howard Tullman addresses: Fund-of-Funds Placement Agents Brokers Fundraise Platforms Accelerators Incubators Co-working Hubs Media & Information Outlets

5. Evaluating Startups for Investment (George Deeb)

George Deeb addresses: What key questions should a startup answer? What categories should investors consider? What red flags superceed all other criteria?

6. Dealflow (Charlie O’Donnell)

Charlie O'Donnell addresses: What is dealflow? How do you find great start-ups? Where are the main sources for deal-flow? How do you accelerate evaluation?

7. Angel Groups (Michael Gruber)

Michael Gruber Addresses: What is an angel group? What are the key functions? What value does it provide to its investors? How are investments structured?

10. The Term Sheet (Brad Feld)

Brad Feld addresses Term Sheet Economics including: Valuation, liquidation preference, pay-to-play, vesting, employee option pool, anti-dilution.

8. Valuation, Part 1 (Jeffrey Carter)

Jeffrey Carter addresses: Why is the valuation a critical deal term for investors? What is the difference between a pre-money and post-money valuation?

11. The #1 Reason Startups Fail (Gabriel Weinberg)

Gabriel Weinberg address the main reason for startup failure including: What is the top reason startups fail? Walk us through the first mistake.

12. Advising Early-Stage Startups (Glenn Gottfried)

Glenn Gottfried addresses Startup Advising & Partnering including: Where are startups at in fundraising? What happens in the initial engagement process?