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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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05 Must Try Local Food in Guangzhou – Get Those Taste-buds Ready!

Travelling to a foreign land lets you experience and experiment with culture, traditions and of course the cuisine. In Guangzhou the latter is an exotic treat as you will see from the list below.


Try Some Fresh Dim Sum

Dim Sum places Cantonese food on the popular scale across the world. Just about anyone would love a steaming hot plate of the little dumplings. Choose from steamed or fried dumplings dipped in your favourite sauce. In Guangzhou dim sum is served as a starter, part of a main course or delicious snack. It will come to the table in a little platter of bamboo steamer. The dish dates back to thousands of years and in Guangzhou's is a daily staple; in fact dim sum is a snack that accompanies every tea time break and is available in a variety of choice at just about any snack house and restaurant in the city.


Shuang Pi Nai – Hello to all you Sweet Tooth's

Shuang Pi Nai is a very satisfying dessert that resembles a custard or flan. It is in fact a very creamy custard that is made from water buffalo milk, egg whites and sugar. In most instances it is topped with crunchy lotus seeds, jequirity a type of bean seed and raisins. Located along the Pearl River home to the Somerset Riviera Guangzhou are plenty of sunny cafes where one can sit and enjoy Shuang Pi Nai and a cup of hot tea.


Kao Ru Zhu

Those of you staying at a popular Guangzhou serviced apartment will find the delights of exploring the foodie streets a real adventure. One of the most popular dishes to try in the region is Kao Ru Zhu. This is roasted whole suckling pig that has been a delicacy for over 1,400 years and is the one dish to try in Guangzhou. It is cooked in two forms; choose from Kao Ru Zhu that has been slow cooked to render a tender skin or that which has been roasted over a strong fire to melt the skin.


Yum Cha

Yum Cha is your typical Chinese morning or afternoon tea session. It is an amalgamation of tea, dim sum and other delicious baked goodies. There are plenty of tea houses in Guangzhou that serve Yum Cha and are excellent venues for relaxing and enjoying some local flavour. Plan plenty of Yum Cha breaks during your shopping or sightseeing tours and enjoy the very British like tea breaks that promise to rejuvenate mind body and soul.


Long Hu Dou

Long Hu Dou is the one exotic and utterly challenging dish that one must endeavour to try in Guangzhou. The name translates to dragon fighting against the tiger and well symbolises the main ingredients which are snake and wild cat! The dish is not available outside of China while Guangzhou is favoured for serving the best version; so go on take the challenge and order up a plate of Long Hu Dou.