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Launched in 1965, Modern Foods is an iconic brand that evolved the concept of bread. We offer superior products like Milk Plus bread enriched with calcium; Hi-Fibre Brown bread reinforced with premium wheat fibre; 100% whole-wheat bread; and Multigrain Superseed Bread with superseed sprinkles on top and the flour is made of seven grains and contains Omega 3.We take pride in being listed as the most trusted bread of India.


Here is the tips to lose weight After breakfast, stick to water and eat three fewer bites of your meal,wash something thoroughly once a week and Wait until your stomach rumbles before you reach for food. To know more visit this post.


Maintain a healthy weight. Determine whether you are overweight by checking your body mass index.Stick with healthy food from each food group.Engage in physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day.To know more Visit post.

Breakfast- The most important meal of the day

Breakfast is a great opportunity to consume nutritious foods.A morning meal is necessary not only for the body but also for the brain. Eating healthy in the morning reduce over eating later in the day.

Easy Bread Recipes to Make Your Morning Delicious

We have been eating bread in different recipes and tastes since our childhood.There are bread recipes that can be made in no time. Please follow the steps mentioned in post.

If you think that breads are only about making sandwiches and toasts then here are few recipes that you must try to make your weekends better.To know more information visit my post.

Modern Foods India’s 1st Industrial Bread Brand

Modern is an iconic brand that pioneered the concept of bread, and literally created the bread category in India.

Tips for buying bread

Wheat bread made from the whole grain provides fiber.Wheat grain has been a valuable food for thousands of years. Whole wheat bread packs the nutrition of all three components of the wheat kernel.To know more about bread visit here.

The Quick & Healthy Millennial Breakfast

Millennials seem to pay greater attention to healthy food than other generations, according to a new study.Good old-fashioned eggs have proven to be a breakfast favorite among millennials.

What is BMI and how to maintain it?

A person with a healthy BMI has fewer joint or muscle pain and hence can participate in added activities. It denotes a healthy heart and better regulation of bodily fluids.To Know more visit post.

Tips for healthy eating

Breakfast is the most important part of your meal. One should never miss their breakfast. You can eat some fruits before breakfast, some in the evening and the vegetables can be divided through the three main meal during the day.

How to Prepare a Gluten Free Diet Plan?

Gluten intolerance is a rising phenomenon, and more people shunning foods containing gluten. It’s a protein found in most whole grain foods that gives them elasticity and holds the food together in a shape. Foods such as whole grain bread, pasta, cereals, and crackers are rich in gluten.

Making your diet protein rich is essential. Proteins help build our muscles and are essential for metabolism. This does not mean that you devour a 16-ounce steak in one go. There are simpler (and more advisable) ways to increase the protein...


The sandwich is one of the simplest and most versatile foods that can be whipped up in a matter of minutes. From the youngest sibling to the experienced mother, all members of a family are well versed with the ’sandwich architecture’ that is unique to each household. However, the sandwich is not an infallible dish to create. The little things that go into making the sandwich are critical for creating a delectable meal.

How to Know That Bread Has Gone Bad?

Watching a movie around midnight and need something to munch on? Crackers and salsa sound nice, but you finished them last week. The staple bread comes to the rescue. How simple and satisfying! Also, it is hard to imagine breakfast without bread.

The benefits of a Gluten Free Diet – Modern Foods

Gluten free diet has attracted many a health conscious folks in the past few years owing to its amazing health advantages.


The recipe uses basic ingredients and it is best to first start with one loaf to test the waters and see how it turns.

How to Make Your Diet Mineral Rich

If one follows a healthy diet that is rich in all the essential nutrients, then there is no need to scrounge the marketplace for the next fancy food item claiming to be a healthy alternative.


Poha is part of the staple breakfast diet of the Maharasthrians. It's easy to whip up in the morning and is healthy and delicious, because of which it the go-to breakfast snack of most Indian households.


The quality of your lifestyle is largely dependent on your diet. It's also essential to educate yourself about healthy foods, by asking small questions about your current diet such as is brown bread healthy, can jump start the process.To know more follow the link.

Why is carbohydrate important for your body?

Carbohydrates are are found in foods like fruits, vegetables, breads, pasta, and dairy products.Its all about energy. It is naturally occurring in starch and sugar,that are used to make a variety of items like cereals, cake, various types of bread like oatmeal bread and soft drinks.

Bread is the base for the most popular evening snacks in India. They are light on the stomach and equally filling. The reason why it is so popular is that bread is extremely versatile.

What is a balanced diet?

The body needs the vital vitamins and minerals to function appropriately. We shouldn’t underestimate the benefits of maintaining a balanced diet. Intake the following itemsideally for a healthier lifestyle:

The body needs a certain amount of fat and without the appropriate amount; our attempts to lead a healthy lifestyle will prove counterproductive.

8 Healthier Alternatives to Regular Food

If you are on your path towards controlling your diet by turning it healthier, or have made up your mind about experimentation with food, then you need to incorporate the following eight healthier alternatives to your regular food in your meals: