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Waterfalls around Bandarawela – Enjoy Elegant Cascades

Bandarawela is a beautiful region that exemplifies the chilly regions of Sri Lanka. Made up of misty mountains and tea estates the district is home to many beautiful waterfalls, a pleasure to explore.


Ellatota Ella Falls

The height of this lesser known waterfall is just 20 metres and it is easy to reach from the Bandarawela town. This cascade is located below the Ellatota Bridge on the Bandarawela Hatton Road. Seen at a point in the road that has a sharp bend, the falls can be seen in entirety if you head on the Diyathalawa Road from Bandarawela.


Dunhinda Falls

Located in the district of Badulla these stunning falls one of the most beautiful in Sri Lanka is just 33kms from Bandarawela. It is located on the Badulla – Mahiyangana Road and is easy to reach from the Bandarawela Hotel. The falls are about 210 feet and cascade from the summit of a mountain; it looks to many like the flowing lace veil of a bride. These lush falls originate at Hal Oya and Uma Oya as well as other sources that originate from both Welimada and Bandarawela. There is a footpath close to the Badulla Mahiyangana Road which after a 1km trek will take you to Dunhinda Falls.


Diyaluma Falls

The second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, Diyaluma is a glorious sight. It is also the 361st highest fall in the world. Diyaluma is located 6kms from the town of Koslanda which falls along the Beragala – Wellawaya Road. Choose from any one of the two access routes to reach the falls; these are the Beragala – Wellawaya route and the other is from Bandarawela on the Poonagala Road. The latter is favoured by nature lovers as the more scenic route that bypasses beautiful tea estates and rolling hills on the way to gorgeous Diyaluma Falls.


Ravana Ella Falls

Ravana Falls are one of the most popular places to visit in Bandarawela. It is on the Bandarawela – Wellawaya Road and falls within the district of Badulla; it is a mere 11kms from Bandarawela making it a popular day visit for tourist based there. The falls which are about 82 feet in height fall from the summit of a rocky outcrop and starts from the Bandarawela Hill Oya Reservoir. It ends at the Kirindi Oya Reservoir and forms part of the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary. As a bonus you could visit the Ravana Ella Caves where according to legend Sri Lankan King Ravana hid the Indian Princess Sita, once he abducted her from her homeland.


Obada Ella Falls

This lovely little cascade is seen close to the town of Bandarawela on the Hatton Road. You cannot see the waterfall from the main road, as such a short trek from Ellatota Junction on the road that leads to the Obada Ella temple will take you up to the falls; it is possible to navigate this road in a vehicle making it an easy waterfall to observe. This waterfall does not fall into the main category of popular cascades around Bandarawela; hence it is a pleasure to look up, especially if you explore the sleepy village of Obada.