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Updated by Mark Gibbons on Jun 28, 2017
Headline for Why bother changing your locks? The top reasons
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Why bother changing your locks? The top reasons

Changing the locks on our home should be a normal part of our home maintenance routine if we want to keep our possessions and loved ones safe from intruders. But with modern lives being very busy, getting the locks changed might not be a priority until it’s too late.

There are numerous reasons why you may want to get your locks changed, each with their own set of risks. Here, we outline the top five.


Losing your keys

While the odds of a burglar using your lost keys to enter your house may be slim, there is still a chance that this could happen. Therefore, it is important that you call a reputable locksmith and get the locks changed as soon as possible. After all, when it comes to your home and personal safety, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


When you get the keys to your new house

When you’ve just bought a new house, the excitement to get in may mean that changing the locks doesn’t even cross your mind. What you also might not think about, is how many potential people also have a key to your house. It’s impossible to know who has given who a key and when, so playing it safe and having the locks changed is the only way to ensure that you keep your home free from intruders.


When you're going through a separation or divorce

If you and your ex-partner own a house together, neither of you is allowed to change the locks. This is because you each have the right to enter the property as it is owned by both of you. However, if it’s just your name on the deeds, or tenancy agreement, you can change the locks to stop them entering. You can read more on this here.


Worn out locks

If you have a hard time locking your door, your locks may be ready for renewal. Like everything, they have a shelf life and over time can deteriorate. Installing new locks can ensure that they function properly and offer maximum security.


If you've already had a break-in

If someone has gained access to your house, who knows what keys they’ve taken and what they’ll do with them. Refreshing security after a break in is an absolute necessity and can stop burglars coming back and letting themselves in.

At Chubb Locksmiths we take home security very seriously and only use the highest quality, secure locks on the market. To improve your home security and protect your family, call us today on: 0121 3533644 or on our emergency line: 07817 643167.