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List of Museums in Muscat – The Finest Museums in Muscat

Muscat, the capital of Oman, is an mesmerising mix of past and present where Arabian tradition has entwined with everything the modern world has to offer ranging from architecture to transportation.


Bait al Zubair

A short while ago in Muscat Oman, hotels weren't as plentiful as they are now, with examples such as the Al Falaj Hotel available almost anywhere. Just a few years ago, Oman was a place of warrior tribesmen and royalty, and you can see evidence of this at the Bait al Zubair museum. This museum contains everything from old armaments to various pieces of expensive jewellery. This museum also presents a great opportunity for you to explore traditional Omani lifestyles with their showcasing of various household furniture and commodities.


Sultan's Armed Forces Museum

If you're interested in weaponry and warfare, then this is truly one of the best places to visit in Oman. The museum itself is situated in the Bait Al Falaj Fort which is almost two centuries old. The collection featured in the museum is astonishing. You can gaze upon many vintage weapons such as swords and canons that were used in early battles. There are also many modern weapons as well such as rifles and artillery. There's a range of vehicles that range from military machines to a selection of armoured limousines that were used by the Sultans.


Bait al Baranda

Contained within a fascinating house that was built in the 1930s, this is truly one of the most captivating museums to explore in Oman. The museum specialists in the pre-history of Oman, and displays knowledge in an interactive and engaging manner. Some of the exhibits such as the 'cut-and-paste dinosaur bone' attraction are quite renowned. This particular attraction is based on the discovery of dinosaur bones in the Al Khoud area of Muscat. There are also many ethnographic displays that will enable you to learn a great deal about not just Muscat, but Oman as a whole.


Oman Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre

The famous wealth of the Middle East stems from its rich deposits of oil. Through a visit to this museum you can embark on an interactive adventure that will show the story revolving around the discovery of oil in Oman, and the processes that took place in order to extract the resource and put it to use. As an added benefit, the museum is also located adjacent to the PDO Planetarium.


National Museum of Muscat

If you had time to only visit one museum in all of Oman, this would be an ideal choice. Despite only opening in 2016, this became the Sultanate's most renowned cultural institution. The fourteen permanent galleries manage to cover the entire extent of Oman's history, including the prehistoric times, the maritime history and even a Renaissance gallery. The museum features around six-thousand artifacts and boasts forty-three digital experiences. There are also special areas designed to captivate the minds of children. A visit to Muscat would definitely be in vain if one doesn't explore this comprehensive museum.