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Best Things to do in the Maldives – Escape to Paradise

The blue-green, effervescent world of Maldives is an escapist's paradise. When in Maldives, you could let go of all your worries and embrace life to its fullest.


Scuba dive

To encounter a myriad of sea creatures and catch many glimpses of the vibrant world under the waves, go diving. Many a Maldives resort hotel offers scuba gear and sometimes even instructors. Most resorts such as Anantara Veli Maldives Resort even have their own coral adoption programmes. Gear up and dive into the warm waters where plenty of fish search for food and bask in the liquid sunlight as you witness the many hued corals adorn the seabed. If you are lucky a sea turtle might pass you by on its way to important business, carrying many tales of the ocean on its ancient being.


Spa days

Maldives is big on indulgence and offers a wide variety of spa treatments. You can pick the type of spa treatment and massages that you prefer from the wide range available be it a Swedish spa treatment, Thai or Ayurvedic. Sip on a cooling herbal concoction, soak in a herb and essential oil infused bath and let a professional therapist take care of the stress knots in your body and feel bliss envelop you. You could conclude your spa day with a healthy lunch made out of fresh ingredients.


Submarine rides

Some resorts organise submarine rides for their guests. Generally, a ride takes about 45 minutes, leaving you with plenty of time for an underwater adventure. You will be able to spot sharks that hover deep in the sea and wonder at the tales that the sea flora infested shipwrecks hide. Usually submarine guides are well versed in pointing out the shipwrecks. Simply enjoy seeing the salty depths from a different perspective.


Island hopping

As many as 80 islands amidst the 26 atolls have luxury resorts. You could hop on a seaplane and visit a few different islands from the one you are staying at. You will be able to discover different combinations of activities and luxuries that each island offers.



Kitesurfing is a sport for adrenaline junkies as well as those interested in a bit of water sports. You would find the experience a little bit like flying at an excessive speed on the water. Pick a large lagoon to embark on your kitesurfing adventure and let the wind carry you away.


Underwater walking

A number of resorts offer guests a chance to walk underwater and explore the seabed from behind an oxygen mask. Gear up, follow the instructions and observe life pass by you in the sea waters. This would be a wonderful experience that you can share with your family. The world beneath the waves is effervescent and enigmatic and if you are not a great swimmer, underwater walking will suit you just fine. All you have to do is walk on the seabed and observe your surroundings as you breathe through your mask.