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Lawn Frogs Landscaping

Lawn Frogs Landscaping, LLC is a leading provider of top quality lawnmowing, landscaping, and irrigation services in the Atlanta area. Founded by Chad Howald in 2003, our company brings our owner’s passion for the outdoors in everything we do. Our team of professionals are ready, willing, and able to provide your commercial or residential property the beautiful landscape it needs to stand out in the neighborhood.

Landscaping Tips: A List of the Best Flowers for Your Home Garden

Many people are looking to plant flowers to make their house beautiful. Here are some excellent suggestions from a local landscaping company.

Expert Landscapers on Planting Roses: Things to Keep in Mind

Discover a few helpful tips given by expert landscapers to successfully plant roses, one of the most common flower varieties people love to grow.

Lawn Care Service Advises Homeowners to Do Year-Round Maintenance

Residential lawns require different maintenance methods depending on season and climate. Read on for helpful lawn care service tips from professionals.

What Lawn Care Service Do to Maintain the Beauty of Your Lawn

Lush green grass is the dream of many homeowners. Here are the things that a professional lawn care service can do to help maintain your lawn.

What Lawn Care Service Do to Maintain the Beauty of Your Lawn

Lush green grass is the dream of many homeowners. Here are the things that a professional lawn care service can do to help maintain your lawn.

The Most Common Lawn Care Mistakes People Make at Home

Homeowners should know how to preserve the condition of their lawns and gardens. Here are the most common mistakes people do in home lawn care.

Why You Should Request Lighting and Fence Installation When Hiring Landscapers

Request lighting and fencing from your landscapers because these features can enhance property value, curb appeal and improve your home's security.

Lovely Landscaping Ideas from Professional Landscapers

A great-looking landscape is no longer just a dream as a landscaping service provider shares wonderful ideas to make your lawn lovelier than ever.

Hire a Lawn Care Service for Aeration When Your Yard Begins Struggling

Clueless whether your lawn needs aeration as part of your lawn care service? The following indicators may very well remove any mystery in this regard.

What Lawn Care Will Do for Your Property Value, Personal Comfort, and Safety

Comprehensive lawn care can increase home value as well as produce other important benefits to your personal well-being, including comfort and safety.

Three Beneficial Reasons for Restaurants to Surround Diners with a Beautiful Landscape

Beautiful landscaping should rank high on the priority list of restaurant owners due to its relevance to managing costs and building a customer base.

Why You Should Find a Lawn Care Service Offering These Essentials

For a healthy landscape, lawn care service should consist of pruning, feeding, and irrigation repairs, besides other normal maintenance tasks.

Three Reasons Why You Must Ask Landscapers About a Tree and Shrub Program

Don’t be satisfied with grass and potted plants! Ask landscapers about their tree and shrub program after learning of their numerous benefits.

Three Kinds of Lawn Care Service Better Left to Experienced Landscapers

Lawn care is not that easy because of these three tasks that require precision. Read why experts should do lawn care service instead of you.

Why Lawn Aeration Should Be Added to Your Landscaping Must-Dos

Landscaping can include yearly lawn care but there’s one often-forgotten task - lawn aeration. Here are three effects of aeration on turf health.

Why You Should Include Lawn Maintenance in Your Landscaping Budget

Your budget for landscaping must not end with its installation. Learn about the nitty-gritty of lawn care and why experts should perform it.

What First-Time Homeowners Should Know About Appropriate Lawn Care

As a first-time homeowner, you should know about proper lawn care and why landscape services are essential to a healthy turf all-year-round.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring a Company That Offers Lawn Care Service

If you want to maintain your lawn and property, it’s a good idea to get help from a company that specializes in a residential lawn care service.