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Reading list for Lean Startups

List of must read articles, videos, and presentations on lean startup principles

Evangelizing for the Lean Startup - Eric Ries

Speaker, author, and entrepreneur Eric Ries shares rapid fire wisdom on building nimble, responsive, and efficient online software-based businesses. He also offers his wisdom on streamlining processes and progressing engineering systems, and puts forth front line insight into why some new ideas succeed where others have failed.

How KISSMetrics Uses The Lean Startup Philosophy

In this program Hiten reveal the mistakes that he made before he discovered the lean startup concepts. (I bet you'll see your own decisions in many of the mistakes he describes.) And he'll show you how to implement the lean startup philosophy, step-by-step.

Minimum Viable Product - Nivi interviews Ries

Venture Hacks (Nivi) interviews Eric Ries on minimum viable products: the product with just the necessary features to get money and feedback from early adopters.

Rethinking product development - Steve Blank

The canonical product development model - concept, develop, alpha, beta, first customer, ship - is how Silicon Valley grew strong. But why does this process to build a business only succeed part of the time? And how can early stage ventures reduce their overall risk? Serial entrepreneur Steve Blank points out that most founding partners strongly focus on product and ship. But too often, startups confuse engineering's accomplishments with marketing and sales success, and they pop the champagne corks too soon.

The Lean Startup - Book by Eric Ries

How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses - the latest book from Eric Ries

How to bring a product to market with Sean Ellis

Venture Hacks interviews Sean Ellis on how to get to product/market fit, how to measure fit, and how to survey your users so you can improve fit.

How to Identify a Lean Startup - Ash Maurya

Achieving Product/Market Fit (aka traction) is the first thing that matters for a startup. Running Lean is a low-burn way to systematically build and validate a repeatable and scalable business model. In this talk, we'll cover why you should care about lean, how you can tell if a startup is lean, and how you can use lean to drive and measure progress.

Running Lean

Most startups fail. Not because they fail to launch what they set out to build, but because they waste time building the wrong product. Running Lean was developed through rigorous testing of Lean Startup, Customer Development, and Bootstrapping techniques on dozens of products.

The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living,Do What You Love,and Create a New Future

I met Chris Guillebeau at an event at New Work City (a co-working space here in NYC). He was inspiring, and so is his book. Love it, highly recommend it. Visit the website for even more ideas:

How to Build a Better Startup

Learn Lean Startup directly from Eric Ries, Sean Ellis, and Dave McClure.

"I am Steve Newcomb. I am most commonly known as the founder of Powerset, which is now the Microsoft Bing search engine. I have been part of building 12 other startups and none of my startups have ever failed."

Funny Lean Startup Parody

Parody applying lean startup philosophy to crack dealers

Lean Startup: How Development Looks Different When

How does development look different at a startup where learning (rather than working software) is our most important measurement