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The Busy Author's Book Marketing Journal

Your Success is Hidden in Your Daily Activity!This 30-day pocket-sized journal is designed to help you monitor and keep track of your daily book marketing activities. Now that your book is published, or soon to be published, it's essential that you let the world know about your masterpiece! By doing something, even something small each day, you will make a huge splash and get your book in front of a whole lot of readers. This Busy Author's Book Marketing Pocket Journal will help you: Maximize your marketing momentum! Easily record your activities and results! Grow your network of promotion partners!

Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words (Rapid Relief With Logosynthes...

Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words (Rapid Relief With Logosynthesis) [Dr. Laurie Weiss] on FREE shipping on qualifying offers. If you are tired of everyone telling you to just let go of things that bother you--but not giving you any useful information about how to do so

"Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but Words can Hurt Forever": A Message from the Children In My Chair

We are living in a world full of people living with shame, guilt, self blame, unhappiness, unworthiness, fear and obligation that was originally `put upon them' unconsciously by their mentors and role models in early life.

How we, as innocent children, learn about and what we come to believe about ourselves and about life are the teachings of this book. We've been conditioned! Conditioning begins with words we hear, think and speak.

This book is a simple call to presence for all because everyone was once a child themselves. Take this opportunity to; recognize your own conditioning; break the chains of the past; learn what it is to be present; and learn how to consciously use words that empower, inspire, support and encourage both yourself and the children in your life now.

90 Day Power Plan: Take Action Planner Paperback – December 30, 2016

The 90 Day Power Plan Take Action Planner provides you with a tool to help you turbocharge your activity and your results. Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll be able to: Map out an action plan that will allow you to develop new success habits. Effectively track your activity and results so you can become more productive. Focus on what’s most essential while making time to enjoy life. In this 90-day planner you have the opportunity to map out an action plan and record your activity and results. Use this planner to help you set, achieve, and celebrate your weekly, monthly, and 90-day goals.

The Bible Story of ESTHER: An Orphan Who Became Queen (A Great Bible Story) Kindle Edition

The Bible Story of ESTHER: An Orphan Who Became Queen (A Great Bible Story) - Kindle edition by Jeana Solomon. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Where is God in this Bible Story?

The story of Queen Esther seems somewhat unlikely. An orphaned Jewish girl named Hadassah was living in a foreign nation. Her people had been dispersed there as captives. So there was little hope of any significance in her life.

By the hand of Providence, she was positioned as Esther in the king's harem. Subsequently, she was chosen to replace the king's deposed queen. That seems like the stuff of "happily ever after." But Esther faced a grave circumstance. An enemy of her nation had plotted the utter destruction of all her people.

It was the challenge of a lifetime. Yet, in her position of favor, and an inclination for divine wisdom, Esther triumphed. She demonstrated the courage to deliver her people from annihilation and to defeat their enemies.

You will encounter intrigue, conspiracy, and evil plots foiled in this Bible history of a patriotic woman and her guardian. But the fundamental payoff is found beyond the historical account. Here are some questions that indicate how other books of the Bible contain portions that weave together with this:

  • Why was the nation in exile?
  • How long had they been away from their homeland?
  • In the context of Jewish culture, was this marriage a blessing to begin with, or a sacrifice?
  • Though the Name of God is absent from the story, where is He?

The account of Esther offers many lessons for life today and demonstrates the value of relationship. It is presented in three distinct formats:

  • An illustrated narrative presentation that can be appreciated by children and even the curious.
  • The traditional Scriptures that authenticate the story and can serve developing believers.
  • Commentary portions for the enjoyment of maturing Bible students, as well as review questions in the appendix.

You could actually teach from this version of The Bible Story of Esther. Expand your vista with a copy.

Inside the Closed World of the Brain: How brain cells connect, share and disengage--and why this holds the key to Alz...

If you are struggling to understand all the talk in the media about the human brain and dementia, then do not miss this read. Before a thing that is broken can be fixed, there is a need to know how it is supposed to work. To uncover the facts about dementia, begin by learning how a healthy human brain operates. Alzheimer's dementia is a gradual change in the brain that occurs for decades before mental dysfunction is noticed. Where in the communication process between neurons and brain’s other 90% of cells, the glia, does the system go so far wrong?

A Space Oddity

Contemporary Romantic Science Fiction: It's 1995 and returning cosmonauts Babette and Misha face a tumultuous three weeks of travel passion deception and foreign intrigue---testing the relationship that was forbidden from the start. ‘A Space Oddity’ depicts the romantic entanglement of the professional and personal lives of Dr. Babette Bescond and commander Misha Sokolov which could impact their careers. You will follow their Shuttle Endeavor rescue from Russian space station Mir, a debriefing at a famed Colorado Springs hotel, and travel via New York to their respective home countries. Considered as heroes, the French Space Scientist and Russian Commander are unexpectedly reunited in Russia where they delve into a Russian family secret-life backdrop never imagined. Concurrently, the International Scientific community is seeking conformation of the discovery that procreation in space is possible and sets competing countries on different agendas to gain firsthand information on the developing fetus that may exist. International threats to the couple lead to continued romantic and scientific fiction adventures. In this 180 page novel by author Larry Andrews, you are bound to enjoy a fast exciting read.

Make a Living as a Professional Self-Published Author: The Steps You Must Take to Create a Six Figure Writing Career,...

It's rough knowing that you have enough talent to be a successful author, but it is even more challenging when you publish book after book, and you receive fewer royalties than the guy flipping burgers at McDonald's.

Are you upset that you're working your butt off to create a wonderful book that nobody buys? Are you working hard to create books that help people, without any royalties to show for it?

I'll tell you, I've been there. Working hard, day-after-day, to create incredible and high-quality books. I knew they were good books, but nobody seemed to want to buy them.

Are you demoralized by those tiny royalty deposits? Or do you think it's "normal" for books not to sell on Amazon?

Let me reassure, it's not normal for a book not to sell if you take all of the proper steps: research to find a marketable niche, write a quality book, publish it, and market yourself as the expert.

Inside this book:

You'll find out how to do the research that must be done to ensure your book has a market before you write it. Nothing is more frustrating than having spent weeks or months writing a book only to find there are few people who want to buy it.

You'll learn how to write your book so the reader understands your message and enjoys and learns from your knowledge and wisdom.

Next, you'll understand how and where to publish your book in simple-to-understand explanations.

Finally, and mostly importantly, you'll learn how to market yourself as the expert and build a network of dedicated fans who follow you and want to buy anything you publish. These fans will tell all their friends about you and your message.

Over the past couple of years, after mastering these techniques, I wrote and published 63 books, including a bestseller, and am highly sought after as a ghostwriter and blogger. As the owner and senior writer of The Writing King, I understand how to write, publish and sell books, and am happy to pass along these techniques to you.

You can continue like you are doing now, hit or miss, or you can learn from an expert with 35 years experience in the industry.

Stop the endless "publish and pray" cycle.

End of the Trail (Texas Trails)

Brooks Morgan is quick on the draw, but his weapon of choice is his smile. He’s smart and witty and has charmed his way through much of life, but now he’s growing older—and a bit wiser. He wants to stop drifting and settle down. He sees his chance when he wins Raven Creek Ranch in a poker game, but when he goes to claim his prize, a pretty woman with a shotgun says the ranch belongs to her. Brooks isn’t leaving his one and only chance to make something of his life—but neither is she. Can they reach an agreement? Or will a greedy neighbor force a showdown, causing them both to lose what they want most in life?


7 Powerful Steps To Success - the road map to chane your life for ever!

7 Powerful Steps To Success - the road map to chane your life for ever!

**7 Powerful Steps To Success, is different from the many self-help books available.
PaTrisha-Anne Todd, advocates a positive mental attitude as an everyday habit along with five holistic principles for permanent personal power:
Self-awareness, allows you to break down barriers;
Know your Intention, to move away from limitations into abundance;
Freedom Shift feeds self-development;
Implement daily forward moving steps and enjoy success.

In the book you'll discover how to boost your self-confidence and take back control of your life as you totally design a stunning lifestyle.
Decide to follow this system, create tremendous change, happiness, security and opportunity in your life.


Writing Fiction: A Hands-On Guide for Teens

Writing Fiction: A Hands-On Guide for Teens

The second edition of Writing Fiction: A Hands-On Guide for Teens contains expanded chapters and over 50 writing prompts to help you find story ideas and defeat writer's block. If you're a teen writer, this book has the concise answers you need to your writing questions. Whether you're at the beginning of your story or in the middle, or whether the words or flowing or you're stuck for inspiration, you'll find writing prompts, encouragement, concrete solutions to writing problems, tips for plotting, writing dialogue, characterization and more. Writing Fiction: A Hands-On Guide for Teens on Amazon
Reviewers of the first edition said:
"Writing Fiction is a bare-bones resource. If the information isn't useful, it isn't there. That is what makes it so valuable. Teens don't have to wade through pages of padding to get to the good stuff. The book contains only the good stuff. Teens interested in writing will make good use of this book.”
CM: CANADIAN REVIEW OF MATERIALS, Manitoba Library Association

“This guide to writing fiction speaks directly to young writers and provides tools to help them become successful in their writing endeavours and to have fun doing so … The author’s love of writing and enthusiasm for sharing her expertise with young writers shines through this guidebook, making it a wonderful resource for young writers.”

Anne DeButte

Visit's Anne DeButte Page and shop for all Anne DeButte books and other Anne DeButte related products (DVD, CDs, Apparel). Check out pictures, bibliography, biography and community discussions about Anne DeButte

Feed Your Brain: 7 Steps to a Lighter, Brighter You!

If you are what you eat, then Feed Your Brain is the ultimate guide in helping your brain become healthy and remain in tip-top shape via the foods you eat. With a worldwide ageing population and cases of dementia, as well as severe depression and anxiety alarmingly on the rise, the need to look after your brain optimally has never been more important. It has now been proven beyond a doubt that it is possible to improve focus and memory, reduce stress and anxiety, and think more clearly simply by enjoying a diet rich in the right nutrients.

In Part 1 of Feed Your Brain, author Delia McCabe takes you through her 7-step program, simply and clearly explaining the science behind how the brain works, and showing how vitamins, minerals, fats, oils, carbohydrates and proteins affect brain function. Part 2 of the book features delicious, quick and easy recipes that can form the basis of your new diet while also providing you with inspiration to come up with your own ideas in the kitchen.

Delia’s book explains the brains requirements for optimal well being in an easy-to-understand and practical way, making optimal brain health within reach of everyone - with weight loss being a natural and effortless side-effect! Specific strategies are simple to follow and delicious recipes make the suggested changes very easy to implement. In addition, Delia provides 'Extra Resources' for book purchasers from her website which include among other things, extra recipes to support rapid change.

Delia wrote her book for anyone who is interested in improving their capacity to focus and concentrate, which leads to naturally improved learning and memory potential, along with stable moods, regardless of age.

Delia turned her back on conventional talking therapy after completing her Masters in Psychology. Since then she's immersed herself in the fascinating world of nutrition and the brain and offers a focused, insightful and science-based approach into how specific foods can improve your cognitive capacity. People who have listened to Delia speak describe her presentations as ‘extremely engaging, enlightening, fascinating, and motivational!' Delia is presently completing her PhD, specifically focused on the effect that specific nutrients have on female stress levels. When Delia isn't busy with her research she enjoys regular yoga sessions for its physical and mental benefits, walking among green trees in nature and creating delicious brain-enticing meals and treats for her family and friends.

Want to know more? Have a look inside Delia's book to get a taste for how you can transform your life by feeding your brain.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body: How to Have Permanent Weight Loss Success for a More Confident and Happier You! K...

_Change Your Mind, Change Your Body: How to Have Permanent Weight Loss Success for a More Confident and Happier You! _- Kindle edition by Wendy Higdon. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Change Your Mind, Change Your Body: How to Have Permanent Weight Loss Success for a More Confident and Happier You!. Also available in paperback. Audiobook coming soon.

_Change Your Mind, Change Your Body _will help you navigate your weight loss efforts by identifying the basic patterns and belief systems that hold you back from living a more energized and happier life. There are no food recipes, but there are a lot of "psychological" recipes for weight loss. If you're tired of repeating the same bad eating patterns that wreak havoc on your emotions and you're ready for a change, this book is the practical guide for you!

You will:

• Address excuses and take responsibility to change your lifestyle choices.
• Learn about your pain points that cause you to be mired in comfort eating.
• Change your mindset about losing weight and keeping it off.
• Learn to deal with triggers and sabotaging behaviors by yourself and others.
• Create new habits, including dealing with stress, sleeping, and exercising.

Follow the instructions in this book, and you will see benefits in no time that will last a lifetime!

How Healthy is Your Doctor?: What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Health Could be Hazardous to Yours Paperback – May 1...

How Healthy is Your Doctor?: What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Health Could be Hazardous to Yours [Kathryn Collins MD] on FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A simple question, “How Healthy Is Your Doctor?, ” launches this insightful book into an examination of who’s ultimately responsible for our health, challenging the common assumptions that it’s up to our doctors, our healthcare system, our circumstances, or our genes. Dr. Kathryn Collins, a seasoned emergency medicine practitioner with a keen eye toward prevention, explains in a clear and compelling fashion why our health is mostly up to us—the food and lifestyle choices we make, the way we live our lives, and the actions we take every day to either support, or undermine, our chance at lasting health. 

Listen to Your Body and Regain Your Health: A Guide for Your Transformational Journey to Abundant Health, a Happy Lif...

Are you a successful professional woman who is raising children and trying to maintain a household while working full-time? - Are you a single mother with little kids and multiple jobs who is also trying to take care of sick, elderly parents? - Are you a dedicated wife who is hassling to care for your spouse with debilitating health condition? - Are you a young single woman who is struggling to find a perfect soul-mate while trying to improve your own health and finance? As a woman, you try to juggle many things—wear many hats, take care of everything and everybody—but never have time for yourself. Not getting enough sleep and relaxation, not eating well, and not taking care of your own needs and self-expression can lead to burnout, stress, anxiety, and health problems.

Work It Out Together!: A Step-by-Step Guide for Implementing a Peer Mediation Program Kindle Edition

Buy Work It Out Together!: A Step-by-Step Guide for Implementing a Peer Mediation Program: Read 7 Kindle Store Reviews -

A school’s primary mission is to ensure that students achieve their fullest academic potential in a safe and nurturing environment. We need to create a safe-school climate where students feel connected and protected. Teaching students to get along with their peers is part of creating a safe-school climate. When students learn how how to resolve their conflicts in a
peaceful manner, the atmosphere at school can be more pleasant for everyone. In a safe-school environment teachers can teach and students can learn. The school is better able to focus on its original mission – Academic Achievement.

The book is divided into three parts:
Part 1: History of Conflict Resolution
Part 2: Steps for Implementing a Peer Mediation Program
Part 3: Ready to Use Templates

When you order the book you will receive a FREE download link to the audio series: Work It Out Together! Resolving Conflict and Creating Positive Change.
In these six short audio segments you will:
• Achieve a greater sense of overall peace, confidence and integrity.
• Come to a better understanding of the causes of conflict in your life.
• Learn to recognize, prevent and resolve conflict quickly and effectively.
• Deepen your connection with friends, family and even total strangers.
• Improve your relationships with those who are most important in your life.
All this and much more!

Work It Out Together! Bonus Gift Sign-Up Page: (Please copy and paste the link in your browser.)


Tragedy's Treasures: A Mom's Journey Through Grief

"Clouds of grief would engulf me at the weirdest times. One minute I would be tending to everyday activities, and the next minute a paralyzing heaviness would press down on my body and spirit." -- from Tragedy's Treasures, A Mom's Journey Through Grief. A heartfelt window into the shock and devastation of losing a sixteen-year-old son in a car wreck, Tragedy's Treasures shares the hope of twelve faith-based treasures the author experienced before, during, and after the tragic death of her son. She describes how these treasures revealed themselves through circumstances, prayers, choices, and divine intervention. Tragedy's Treasures shows the path that led from a mom's shattered dreams to her hope for the future. It is meant to guide the bereaved towards: * Giving yourself and others permission to feel * Knowing what to expect in your grief journey * Relying on faith to equip you for your climb The death of a child, no matter their age, leaves the parents, siblings, grandparents, relatives, and friends feeling shattered and powerless. This agony can cause searing pain and superficial numbness. The loved ones might ask, "Is what I am feeling normal? How can I endure? What can I do to support my grieving loved ones? How long will this last? Will I ever heal?" Through genuine and personal experiences, this book delivers encouragement that life can go on and that it is okay to feel any emotion at any given time throughout the grieving process. Nineteen years after her son's death, Karyn Almendarez's provides a reflective look at the events in her life that point to God's master plan. Her childhood, education, career choice, family, friends, and faith have inspired her to share her personal journey of grief and hope.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Karyn Almendarez is not a minister or counselor. She is a teacher, wife, and grandmother who others have encouraged to share her journey through grief with others to help them have hope and faith in God's master plan. She lives in Colorado with her husband, Albert, and cat, Minnie. When she is not teaching or writing, she enjoys visiting her daughter, son-in-law, and four grandchildren in Texas. She also enjoys snow skiing and hiking.

30 Day Book Marketing Challenge for Authors: Daily Activities for Marketing Your Book Online

In the 30 Day Book Marketing Challenge for Authors, you have access to book marketing activities and strategies, designed to help you reach more readers and sell more books. While many authors avoid the essentials of marketing their books, you have the opportunity to set yourself apart as you gain increased exposure to your audience and you share your book with the world. In this guide, you’ll find training and a step-by-step approach to help you develop your author platform and get the word out about your book. You’ll discover ways to: Harness the power of online audio to connect with your audience! Engage with your readers on a variety of social networks! Amplify your author income earning opportunities! Develop the daily habit for promoting your book! Expand your reach and your online presence!

Memory Maker Travel Planner & Journal

Around the Corner or Around the World... Capture Your Memories This helpful travel planner journal is a useful tool for your next trip or vacation. Whether you are going near or far, your Memory Maker Travel Planner & Journal provide you with a wonderful keepsake! The front section of this book is designed for planning your trip. The second half of the book is designed for journaling your adventure! No matter where your journey takes you, enjoy recording memories that will last a lifetime! With an easy to use format this book includes: Checklists Travel Tips Memory Maker Prompts

30 Days to Better Organization: A Take-Action Journal to Organizing by Donna V. Finocchiaro

This 30-day journal is designed to help you become more organized, by taking on small projects or tasks each day as new habits are formed. You will have opportunities to celebrate your successes throughout this journal, as you become inspired to motivate others!

by Leslie Ellis - A Clinician's Guide to Dream Therapy

A Clinician’s Guide to Dream Therapy demystifies the process of working with dreams by providing both a grounding in the current science of dreaming as well as a simple, practical approach to clinical dream work.

In addition to a survey of the current science and neuroscience of dreaming, this book includes clinical examples of specific techniques with detailed transcripts and follow-up commentary. Chapters cover how to work with PTSD nightmares and how to use experiential dreamwork techniques drawn from current neuroscience to engender lasting change. Readers will be able to discuss their clients’ dream material with confidence, armed with an approach that helps them collaboratively tap into the inherent power for change found in every dream.

Backed by research, common factors analysis and neuroscience, the approaches described in this book provide a clear map for clinicians and others interested in unlocking the healing power inherent in dreams.

By Janet Bristeir - Medical Tourism Pre-Surgery Checklist & Workbook: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

When people speak of medical tourism, they are usually discussing the practice of going outside of the country where they live and paying for a surgical procedure to be performed. As mentioned in the book "Medical Tourism-Surgery for sale! How to Have Surgery Abroad Without It Costing Your Life," by Janet Bristeir, there are several questions that need to be answered to ensure your safety. In this planner, Bristeir gives you checklists and a workbook layout that will allow you to get basic questions answered before, making your decision to have surgery abroad.

In Concert by Rae Richen

Before she committed suicide, did world famous vioiinist, Darya Zolesku, hide the originals of three lost Bach manuscripts? Garig Steiermark, powerful eastern-Hungarian gang lord believes she did. He pursues those valuable manuscripts into the heart of America, threatening Rebecca Gregory and Benjamin, her five-year-old son because he believes her to be the new owner of the manuscripts. And he believes Benjamin is his son.

Bending Toward Heaven Hardcover by Sharon Fish Mooney

"We are surrounded by poetry on all sides," Vincent van Gogh (1853-90) once wrote to his brother Theo. His art was a reflection of this belief. As these poems reflect, Van Gogh's poetic imagination was best expressed in blossoming orchards, starry nights, sheaves of wheat, final harvests, and in his signature sunflowers--a metaphor for his own life, lifting petals to the sky, bending toward heaven.