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List of Things to Take on your Snorkelling Trip – Adventures Beneath the Waves

One of the easiest water sports to try, snorkelling gives you a chance to explore whole new worlds made up of colourful coral and marine life. Here are some things to take on a snorkelling adventure.



The piece of equipment that gives the activity its name, the snorkel is a simple yet marvellous invention that lets you breathe underwater while staying partially submerged. The "J" shaped snorkel has a mouthpiece which you should ensure fits your mouth well. Ideally, the snorkel should be close to your head so as not to hinder your movement or slow you down due to drag. Modern day snorkels also come with additional valves that help to prevent water from coming in, while letting water out making for a hassle free and interruption free exploration of what lies beneath.


Mask & Defogger

While the waters in and around dive sites may be clear, you still will need to have a mask. It is vital that you have an unrestricted view of the marine wonders that lie all around you and a mask definitely helps in this regard. Make sure to bring a mask that not only fits your face well, but also has good enough suction so as not to let water flow inside. In addition to this, it's good to have a mask defogger which is very useful since it will aid in the prevention of your mask getting misty or foggy.



Similar to the way it helps fish swim, the fins used for snorkelling also assist one in effortlessly swimming around the ocean. While long fins are normally used for free diving, when it comes to snorkelling choose and pack a shorter variety. These shorter fins are not only lighter, but will assist you to change direction faster when underwater as well. Of course, you don't want to be lugging all this equipment for long distances to the ocean so make sure you find a place to stay near the shoreline. For example, if visiting Sri Lanka and looking to try out snorkelling which is one of the popular things to do in Mirissa, consider accommodation options in the area such as Esprit d'ici Hotel which is within easy reach of the ocean.



While you may not need a wetsuit in tropical waters, not all places you go snorkelling in will have such warm temperatures. Thus, wetsuits definitely come in handy where waters are generally cooler and provide the added benefit of shielding you from getting sunburns, while helping with buoyancy as well. For something that will not take up too much space in your luggage, consider a wetsuit that has leggings only up to the knees and short sleeves.


Sunscreen & Rash Guard

Also ensure you have the right kind of protection while on your snorkelling expedition. It is vital you have an ocean-friendly sunscreen that is biodegradable and which does not cause any harm to the reefs either. Additionally, it helps to have a rash guard too which definitely helps especially when using a wetsuit.

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