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Etsy Shops That Take Me Down The Rabbit Hole

This is a list of the most binge-worthy Etsy shops around... obscure 'zines, Palo Santo smudges, natural skincare products... I'm obsessing and so should you! Know of a shop I should check out? Add it to my list, and don't forget to vote for your favorites!


Daisy & Mallow

Daisy & Mallow

Daisy & Mallow is a botanical apothecary offering handcrafted natural and organic skincare, body care and teas. Inspired by nature and the changing of the seasons, products are handcrafted in a small studio by Lough Erne in County Fermanagh, N.Ireland.

The botanical name for Mallow (Marshmallow) comes from a Greek word ‘altho’ meaning ‘to heal’. Rich in healing mucilages which soothe and soften the skin, Mallow has been used both in skincare preparations and medicinally since ancient Egyptian times.

Daisy flowers - also referred to as ‘day’s eye’ - open only in sunshine and tuck their heads away as dusk falls. In Elizabethan times, daisies were often used in ointments along with Mallow to treat irritated skin and also as a cleansing remedy for skin conditions.

Daisy & Mallow products are designed to harness the functional properties of plants, to simplify skincare and are crafted by hand. Care is taken to reduce unnecessary packaging and recyclable containers are used where possible.

Please do contact me if you would like any further information at



Society of National Industry

Society of National Industry

Paper goods from outer space. Cosmic wonder made with love in the middle of the Salish Sea.

The Society of National Industry is a collaboration between Katey Rissi, Chris Campbell, and occasional mysterious guest stars.

We've been working together and making things since we met in college at Western Michigan University, where Katey studied design and Chris studied journalism. Chris's interest in writing about the strange and uncanny and Katey's interest in making objects and weird imagery made a good combination, and The Society of National Industry is the place where we peddle the results of our collaborative projects.

Our work explores the intersection of the conceptual and the craft-driven. The mediums we are currently exploring include illustration, collage, various printmaking techniques, assemblage, and paper folding/cutwork, and we're always looking for new techniques and materials to bring into the fold. Conceptually, we are interested in the tension between different ideas of what the future will be like, geometry and color, and objects where form interacts with light. Together, we figure out new color palettes for lanterns, concepts for zines, and images for our print work.

All of our work is made by hand, by us. We try to maintain processes that are socially responsible and sustainable, which means buying environmentally friendly, sweatshop free supplies whenever possible, reusing materials, and using sustainable packaging. We hope that our pieces become long-living objects of love in the homes they end up in, and try to make things that are timeless, delicate but sturdy, and made to last.

This is a collaboration that has spanned 5 years, 3 states, infinite studio spaces, and one killer friendship. We're doing this because we like to make stuff, not to eventually break through and become arts and crafts millionaires. So with that in mind, please understand that we take orders when we can, when we want to, and when it feels right for us. Slow is cool, capitalism sort of sucks, self care is important. xo.




I'm Jolie. I've been doing zines for half of my life. I do collage art & i like to put cats on things. I also like comedy.




Making Curious Little Girls

Pencil, ink, fabric, daydreams, paper, tea, coffee:
That's what these little girls are made of.

Stasia Burrington was born in Texas, raised in Montana and now lives in SeaTac with her favorite man and two cats. She's a full time artist, doing custom work and nurturing her little online shop. You can find her most often at home, coffee-cup ever present, working while piled under blankets and furtively watching sci-fi in the background.

At times she's aspired to be: an astronaut, magician, Lara-Croft type action-adventurer, and a children's book illustrator. One of which is actually now the case!

This little Etsy shop has existed for seven years now, traveling with me from Idaho, to Colorado, Montana and now - SeaTac, Washington. My heart really is in the mountains, in the woods, around a campfire, under stars and tinged with a huge love of science fiction, fairy tales and basically - stories that are slightly odd.

I create personal, intimate, edgy and cute artwork; I want to inspire discussion, to form connections, and to respond to all this pain and beauty that we live in... to share all these human feelings, and to inspire compassion and humility.

I believe in visual art’s power to communicate the nuances that we haven’t yet learned in words. I believe in the imperfect, the cracked, the broken, the aging – the quiet beauty that is so subtle that it could easily be overlooked, but when noticed, stops time. I crave a simpler, quieter way of life, a more accepting attitude towards existence, and I know we all crave beauty; our definition of beauty needs only to be pried a little wider. The stains in our favorite teacups – the wrinkles around our eyes – the uneven stitches in a hand-knit quilt, these are full of the energy of age, the power of being loved over and over again. A reclaiming of heritage is in order in a world where it’s easier to throw away than to mend. An embracing of our “flaws” is in order, to be kinder to ourselves, and to be kinder to the world.

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harm none. do what thou wilt.

i have been tattooing for the past 15 years and that has led me to many people, many places, and many paths. as i slowly take a step back from tattooing, i am finding myself indulging and diving into a spiritual place. i have been studying nature-based spiritual paths for many, many years and have found a home in The Craft. within this i feel it vital to share what i can as a journeyman and not as a teacher. we walk this path together, solitary or coven, yet we are one. i hope my creations can aid you in whatever way you see fit. please note- i believe it is VERY important to make my creations your own. personalize your items, cleanse them and purify them, and charge them with YOUR intention. this is how we create magick together.