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200 Level: Assignment | Project | Test


(1) What are the attributes of the Mercantilists
(2) Compare and Contrast the features of the Mercantilists and the Cameralists

Discuss the concept of Acceleration Principles and relate this to Business Cycle.


ECN 212

  • Articulate the relevance of the following in the applicability of series, sequence, limiting values, convergence, divergence: i. Investment theory

ii. Annuity

iii. Stock market

iv. Product substitutability

v. Commodity market

  • Example 7.13 of Basic Mathematics for Economists, page 213 & '14

[2016] ECN 214


Elucidate on the dominance of substitution effect over income graphically and articulate the economic implications of such dominance in the Nigerian Labour Market.

Hand-written, not more than 4 pages, to be submitted in 2 weeks

Critically assess the distinguishing features between wages and employment under monopolistic competition and under oligopoly.

Hand-written, not more than 4 pages, to be submitted next week

With appropriate graphic illustrations, briefly, elucidate the Sticky wage theory, Efficiency wage theory and Minimum wage laws.

Relevant Materials


[2016] FIN 210

[2016] FIN 210


For each Security, Calculate

i. the expected returns

ii. the variance

iii. the standard deviation

iv. the coefficient of variation

b. If Lanre is a risk averse investor, which security would you recommend?

c. If Lanre is a risk lover, would your answer in b above be different?


FSC 103

  • Write a program in visual basics that can solve any quadratic equation following the steps of the software development lifecycle.