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Headline for 05 Fun Activities that Doesn't Involved Getting Drunk in the Night in Bangkok – Hangover Free Holidays!
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05 Fun Activities that Doesn't Involved Getting Drunk in the Night in Bangkok – Hangover Free Holidays!

Whether you're not in to the drinking scene or would prefer to do something else that doesn't involve waking up with a hangover, this list will be useful to you!


Sathorn Unique Condominium

Scale the Ghost tower in this brightly lit city. Spookily towering over the lights and the vibrant energy of the city, the Sathorn Unique Condominium is one of the places that might not be listed on every Bangkok city guide. If you love breathtaking panoramic views and aren't afraid of heights, climb up this tower to get the best view of the city at night. The construction of Sathorn Unique started in 1990 before the architect was arrested for planning an assassination. Following the effects of the 1997 financial crisis, construction and development of this building was permanently halted. Wanderlusters are usually the only ones seen climbing this tower to get a magnificent view of the sun setting over the energetic city.


Play games

Fun group games which include making full use of your brains and limbs while in the city. Not including board games, of course, exciting games to take part include indoor laser tag, Escape break or even karaoke! Escape break is a game devised to make full use of your brain and thinking skills, where groups have to find a way to solve problems and clues in order to unlock themselves from the room they are in. If you're interested in laser tag, head over to Lazgam for this ultimate game with a electric sci fi setting.


Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit is a cultural performance displaying local culture while providing a great insight in to Thai history, beliefs and religion. This show makes for an ideal night out in the city, as it features over 150 beautiful and colourful performers in decorated costumes playing out various parts of their performance in a more than real setting. The audience will be introduced to Thai mythology, muay thai boxing fights, and various combat techniques. The show is an electric 80 minute performance that is exciting to watch and gives you a great understanding of Thai culture and history.


Street food

Bangkok is famous for its wide variety of street food – and not surprisingly either! Street food in Bangkok is packed with a ton of flavours and herbs that will leave you craving more with each bite! Though you might find many street food stalls outside properties such as Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel, one of the most popular places to visit in the evening is the Rot Fai Market. This market comes alive only after sunset, where you'll be able to shop for souvenirs, fashion items and other rare collectibles. Popular street dishes such as BBQ chicken, pad thai, fried insects and Som tam are some of the must try dishes when you're food hunting!



Enjoy a soothing and amazing cruise along the Chao Phraya River, as you dine on a meal. With views of some of the city's most iconic attractions such as Wat Arun, Bang Pa In and Wat Mongkhon Bophit to name a few, a dinner cruise along this historic and majestic river is definitely one of the best and most memorable things to do when you're in Bangkok!