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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for You Wouldn't do these things on a Golf Course Unless you want Trouble – Playing by the Rules
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You Wouldn't do these things on a Golf Course Unless you want Trouble – Playing by the Rules

While you may think golf is simple enough, it is a sport that does have stringent rules. Here are some you may not know about and should keep in mind when playing with others.


No practising on the course you are about to play on

Apart from match play, you are not allowed to practise on the particular course you are going to play on. This does not mean you can't practise on your own when not playing a match or even on a special practice putting green. It's just when about to play on a course on the given day, practice is a definite "no-no".


No being shielded from the elements

Anyone who has played golf will probably tell you that the elements, be it the sun, wind or rain also have an impact on your game. That being said, you may be a kind hearted soul and if you see your partner wilting in the sun and want to give him some shade while he plays his shot take note; according to the rule book this is not allowed! If following the letter of the (golfing) law, you should remember that you are not allowed to make a stroke while being "shielded" from the elements by your opponent, partner or even caddie.


No changing configurations

Configuration here is to do with adjustable clubs. According to the rule, while a round is being played one cannot change this kind of clubs' configuration by making adjustments to weights or angles. Before you begin a round make sure you have everything planned accordingly and configure the clubs the way you think will suit you best. That shouldn't deter you from playing another round though with changed configurations. For example, playing at one of the new golf courses in Johor such as the one belonging to The Els Club Malaysia cannot be mastered in just one round. Thus, play another and before you begin, make the needed configuration adjustments now that you have a better idea of the course and the way you are striking the ball.


No use of damaged clubs

The use of a damaged club is not allowed only if the said damage occurs outside of normal play. What this means is if while playing a shot, you happen to damage your club, you can still use it or even have it replaced, if it doesn't cause a delay in play of course. So when can't you use a damaged club? Well, say in a fit of rage you take your frustration out on the poor golf club and bash it on the ground or a nearby tree and damage it, then by no means are you allowed to use it again while playing. So just keep calm and do no harm to your clubs!


No malicious misleading

If you love cunning subterfuge you may consider using the rather underhanded tactic of "accidentally" saying out loud a misleading statement regarding the club you used, within hearing range of your opponent who is getting ready to play a similar shot. This is by no means allowed. Respect players, respect your opponents and respect golf.

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