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Hidden Natural Attractions in Bali - The Untouched Splendour of Bali

Bali's beauty is breathtaking, but there are some spots that are just incredible to see. However, it's so well hidden; they're rarely seen at all. Here are a few examples of Bali's natural wonders.


The Sacred Canyon of Sukawati

This is a sacred, secret canyon is beyond beautiful and sure to inspire the artist within you. The uniquely shaped canyon is a feast for the senses as the surrounding walls seem to bend and curve in every direction, creating an abstract image. The colours that reflect off the rock above and water below, forming a kaleidoscope of colours. Take a moment to admire the view or if you are feeling adventures, try heading deeper into the canyon (stay safe and mindful at all times!). To reach the sacred canyon, you will have to travel across several rivers and scale over some slippery rocks, so hiring a guide is the best option.


Peguyangan Waterfall

Located on the Nusa Penida island, the Peguyangan Waterfall isn't you usual heavy waterfall like the ones found near the Ubud region. Rather, it is several small, spring water falls that make their way down to a steep ravine, and then into the ocean. Along the sides of the ravine, the cascade terraces form a kind of natural spa - sit near the falls to experience a natural 'massage' from the cool, flowing waters as they fall over the ledge and into small pools. Finding the falls can be tricky as most locals don't even know of its existence. To see Peguyangan, find a tour operator who knows about it or hire a driver who knows how to get there. To reach the falls, you must first descend a narrow flight of step against the sheer wall of the ravine. After a few hundred steps, the sight of the cascades will welcome you with their refreshing waters and beauty.


Suluban Beach

Not far from the hustle and bustle of the main cities and several luxury Bali hotels such as the Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas, you will find Suluban Cave. Located directly underneath the famed Uluwatu Temple, (another must see location!) the cave captivates visitors with its concealment and mystic atmosphere. Even more so when you discover that it leads to beach near Uluwatu.


The Secret Gardens

Secreted away in the remote village of Sambangan, in northern Bali, is a breathtaking jungle area, known only to a handful of people. The mesmerising beauty of the jungles and waterfalls here, have given rise to the area being known as the Secret Garden. These 'gardens' are made up of a series of natural spring water pools and cascading falls that are hidden within the dense rainforest. There are seven waterfalls scattered around the area, and you'll need to spend at least three hours trekking through the jungle to explore half of them. The unspoiled greenery around you more than makes up for the long journey to reach the pools, which are filled with cold, clear water, perfect for a refreshing dip after your trek.


The Green Cliffs of Undisan Bangli

Just getting to the location can count as a separate adventure on its own as you travel across rice fields, jungles and various ravines till you find the green cliffs. The cliffs are completely covered with thick moss, which gives it a green sheen. The cliffs tower over the sides of a ravine which leads to another little secret. Follow the ravine to where the cliffs merge and you find a small grotto, hidden from sight.


Boulder Beach

Yeh Leh beach isn't your typical white sand Bali beach. Instead, here you'll see thousands of boulders cover the shore line, either topped with algae, or washed clean by the sea. How the boulders came to be here is unclear, the rocks have been smoothed over by the waves for centuries, leaving few clues of their origins. The beach is easily reachable, and the best time to visit is during low tide, when the boulders are visible and little pools are created in between.