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Business Development - the InHandGuides Way

InHandGuides is a "Smart Audio" business that began in Carrigaline, near Cork City Ireland.

The company produces "Smart Audio" designed in Cork, manufactured in China & sold worldwide.

The Founder & CEO is Trevor Winckworth.

Trevor & Paul O'Mahony began recording conversations about business development during 2010.

This List contains all their Audioboo conversations...

Audioboo: InhandGuides - the backstory (told by CEO Trevor Winckworth) in a Cork hotel over tea

At last this conversation... The one many people have been curious for... How did @inhandguides start? Was it invented in a kitchen in Cork? A beach in Dubai? A bath on the Aran Islands? Here you get the inside story - warts & all. Here you find out he didn't go it alone.

Introduction to AudioBoo for InHandGuides Smart Audio

InHandGuides is a "Smart Audio" company.

20 July 2010
This is the first conversation with Trevor Winckworth about how Audioboo could be used to tell the story of business development:
You hear about the opening of InHandGuides office in New York...

Also in the conversation is Web developer Gary O'Flynn
Talking about the potential of Audioboo for business...
3 minutes.33seconds

High Potential Start-Up success by my client "In Hand Guides": latest news here

InHandGuides is a "Smart Audio" company.

8 September 2010
Paul O'Mahony reports that InHandGuides achieved "High Potential Start-up" status from Enterprise Ireland
Celebrating success...

Business Development News : CEO Trevor Winckworth speaks

InHandGuides is a "Smart Audio" company.

30 November 2010
In this conversation with Trevor Winckworth you hear about London "World Travel Market"

Also North America - the connection with Audioconexus

Shenzhen China is where InHandGuides audio players are manufactured for world wide distribution... Trevor Winckworth talks about what the Chinese are like... How "your word is your bond"... and how a bottle of Tyrconnell Irish malt whiskey helps business.

This audio sketches the business development travel to New York to meet partners... New York tourism...

Wireless product is mentioned.

Moving on to Chicago, meeting a new client: The Magnificent Mile & the hope for 2011...

In relation to the prospect of an audio project for Cork Ireland - Trevor highlights the issue of "Who'll pay for it?"

The conversation ends with reference to
InterContinental Hotel Chicago Illinois which has a wonderful swimming pool.

There were no incidents on the plane back to London & Cork

Trevor Winckworth CEO reports on business developments

InHandGuides is a "Smart Audio" company.

14 January 2011
Recorded in Clarion Hotel Cork - the conversation begins with a question about new clients.

(1) Irish - Glasnevin Cemetery (Dublin)
An audioguide is being prepared: it will cover the stories of Irish heroes of politics, civil war, world wars...
The Museum in Glasnevin Cemetery already has guided tours. The new audioguided tour can be taken away and given to others...

(2) Botanic Gardens Dublin with Mary Mulvihill of IngeniusIreland

(3) University College Cork:
The audioguide is available from JC Quinn who runs Visitors' Centre... alumni...

(4) Trinity College Book of Kells...

(5)The Hill of Tara...

(6) Joyce Museum Dublin

The Focus of InHandGuides is on the international market... but Trevor Winckworth says people in Ireland starting to realise the importance of heritage... and bring it to live via audio...

In relation to the UK:
The Royal Weddinones coming on 29 April 2011 - InHandGuides plans to produce a Royal Wedding Product Guide... In association with
OriginalTourCompany famous from the Apprentice...

USA Travel plans: Chicago, Toronto, Cleveland... 7 days 5 Cities...

Trevor & Paul plan to use Skype for their next conversation.

Interview with Trevor Winckworth (CEO) about how the business is doing

InHandGuides is a "Smart Audio" company.

7 December 2011
After a long break - this conversation catches up on business development during 2011 & looks forward to 2012.

Topics covered:

Units into the market
New clients
New languages

Aims for 2012...

Developments also mentioned:
Rebel Trail in Mallow Co. Cork
Kilkenny Castle & other Irish venues...

The conversation moved on to North America:

There is reference to tenders for new business in North America, hopes for 2012: Tourism...

The conversation also covered Healthcare, particularly diabetic care - working with Roche in South Africa... AquaAssist...

InHandGuides produce audioguides in 5 African languages... including Zulu & Afrikaans

At the end of the conversation Paul asks Trevor to name "One headache": Trevor highlights banking & cashflow... The struggle all small businesses face...

Business in China with InHandGuides CEO Trevor Winckworth

InHandGuides is a "Smart Audio" company.

29 March 2012
This is a Skype phonecall with Trevor in Heathrow Airport Terminal 3- on his way to China to sign a contract

Signing a contract for new style of audio players... new design... 2 versions ... audio length up to 3 hours...

Factory offers tooling & plastic shaping... adaptability for clients

Shenzhen city built to rival Hong Kong... home of MP3... iphones built there...

Contract signing in offices of lawyers there...
Prototype coming...

Chinese consultant speaks the language...

Drinking Chinese tea in correct manner... business done over tea... lovely & refreshing...

Travelling alone...
Returning again to China in three weeks...

New orders...

(1) hope to take in injection of cash
(2) marketing graduate hope
(3) Audioconexus partner won 25 year tender... worth $0.5b

Big business prospects... 90% of the business will be export.

Blackpool Tower in UK... famous from TV managed by Merlin + promenade...

UK Bus Driver of the Year competition

Iraq developments... audio units... 2 languages... Kurdish & Arabic... UN projects in East Africa... prospect.

Time constraints...

Plans for follow-up after Easter.

Irish CEO heads to China: Trevor Winckworth

InHandGuides is a "Smart Audio" company.

22 March 2012

Business development is the topic, Skype interview recorded on Callburner.

Another Irish CEO to China

InHandGuides is a "Smart Audio" business

23 April 2012

Skype call interview with Trevor Winckworth. The call broke down after about 4.5 minutes.

The call was recorded on Callburner on 23 April 2012

Doing business in New York- breaking news (Part 1)

InHandGuides is a "Smart Audio" business

25 May 2012

Conversation with Trevor Winckworth recorded on Callburner...

Doing business in New York : Trevor Winckworth CEO InHandGuides breaks news (Part 2)

InHandGuides is a "Smart Audio" company

25 May 2012
(11.5 mins)
Phone call with Trevor Winckworth in Enterprise Ireland New York City - recorded on Callburner - from Skype to mobile phone

Begins with the hope of a contract for Cork City... and "Cork in 20 Minutes" to be launched in July 2012

Blackpool Tower is also mentioned - where "Strictly Come Dancing" (BBC) was filmed.

A new investment into the company leading to two new jobs - one technical, one marketing. The jobs will probably be based in Rubicon Centre Cork (doubling staff numbers - and hoping to expand again in 2013).

Hopes for new investment from Enterprise Ireland in 2013.

Questions from James Corbett @eirepreneur :

(1) How will the market for audio guides develop?
(2) Will GPS & triggering be needed for the future? Trevor outlines how a low-cost solution is on the way, a "pulsating trigger".

Rosemary Clancy, from 11890 in Ireland, asked:

"Will IHG need a mobile App in order to scale - is it hardware dependent?"

Trevor describes the complications & costs associated with WiFi - he says IHG is looking at Cloud & trying to deliver the product cheaply so that tourists won't be hit with a huge bill.

Ends with Trevor saying he's going to S Fraunces Tavern, micro-brewery, meeting Patrick Sean Flaherty of Brand Halo for a pint and a bit to eat at Fraunces Tavern, with Valy Dumulin (Customer Service IHG)

Paul brings up the Tour de France "mad idea" of meeting in Tournai when the Tour arrives there - a town guide for Tournai is coming soon.

Vision Centre Cork 8 June exhibition also mentioned.

InHandGuides CEO & Customer Service team

Recorded in "Silver Springs" Moran Hotel Cork on Wednesday 2 January 2013.
#InHandGuides is a great client to work for.
CEO #TrevorWinckworth & #ValyDumoulin customer service specialist chat with Paul O'Mahony

Topics we discussed:

(1) Valy's job
(2) Working with Chinese people - through "perfect" English
(3) Benefits of meeting face-to-face & how much difference it makes
(4) Tour de France in Tournai Belgium
(5) Good news for 2013 = "lots of orders"
(6) New order from the United Nations (UN)
(7) 3 hour audio in 49 parts designed to educate kids from an East African country on their Constitution
(8) South Africa - diabetics audio
(9) New York City 9/11- audio for the Families Museum, Tribute Centre & National Memorial - in English, Spanish & maybe French, German & Chinese
(10) Professional voice-overs
(11) Selecting which Spanish to use
(12) Boston Freedom Trail - 46 stops - the history of USA

"Lots more audio guides everywhere in the world" wishes Valy.

World Travel Market (London) - Trevor Winckworth CEO InHandGuides speaks out

A Skype call from Glanmire to Crosshaven Co Cork - the World Travel Market (London) took place 5-8 November 2012 in ExCel London (2013 4-7 November). Website: It's an annual B2B international event - for "travel industry professionals only" - not open to general public. 5,000+ suppliers of travel & tourism products.

The Latest from InHandGuides : CEO Trevor Winckworth speaks out news about Niagara Falls, Hornblower Cruises, Kernel ...

Recorded on Tuesday 3 June 2014 in Maryborough Hotel Cork Ireland. We are resuming a series of podcasts about InHandGuides business development. The story of where the company is going, the adventures on the way and some breaking news. You hear: 1. Highlights of what's happened during the last year 2.

InHandGuides (@inhandguides)

Fully-branded & low-cost smart audio players which enhance & educate. An innovative way to offer expert advice on #health #lifestyle & #tourism solutions

What's the news from InHandGuides - CEO Trevor Winckworth on biz dev

In Maryborough Hotel Cork - Trevor Winckworth CEO of #inhandguides spoke with Paul O'Mahony of #ChangeAgents.

Sales & Marketing For InHandGuides - Jamie Murphy tells his story

Recorded in the garden of the Maryborough Hotel Cork Ireland on Tuesday 24 June 2014. This is the first recorded interview with the head of sales & marketing for InHandGuides. In this podcast you hear : 1. the job Jamie Murphy does for the company 2.

Jamie Murphy Sales & Marketing for @InHandGuides in UK & Ireland talks with Paul O'Mahony about his recent work
Paul O'Mahony in conversation with the Sales & Marketing Manager in the UK of In Hand Guides, Jamie Murphy.
Introducing Conor Tallon, audio production manager, @InHandGuides
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