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Headline for Exquisite Interior Designs of Luxury Resorts in Sri Lanka – Stunning Architecture and Awe-Inspiring Designing
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Exquisite Interior Designs of Luxury Resorts in Sri Lanka – Stunning Architecture and Awe-Inspiring Designing

Being one of the top tourist destinations of South Asia, Sri Lanka is home to many reputed hotels and resorts. Among the finest of these are resorts that boast exquisite interior décor and design. 🏦


Heritance Kandalama

Heritance Kandalama

Photo Credit : © Heritance Kandalama Hotel

Heritance Kandalama is one of the most exclusive and acclaimed resorts of Sri Lanka. Located in Dambulla, this luxury resort was designed by world famous architect and landscapist Geoffrey Bawa. As such, the resort boasts some of the most breathtaking interior designing in Sri Lanka.

The resort is built to give its patrons an experience of nature and comfort and, as such, incorporates multiple features of its surroundings. With vast open corridors lit with natural lighting, and a façade upon which vines and greenery to grow freely, just walking into the resort is enough for you to realize how unique it is.

The rooms are designed accordingly, with tones and hues of dark wood while incorporating nature's elements to make the rooms almost blend with its surroundings.

The bathrooms, too, are designed with large windows and roofless in certain portions to give visitors a feeling of bathing out in the open.

With these amazing features it is no surprise that Heritance Kandalama is regarded as one of the most unique and beautiful resorts in Sri Lanka.🌄


Jetwing Lighthouse

Jetwing Lighthouse

Photo Credit : © Jetwing Lighthouse

Emulating the traditional culture of the city of Galle, Jetwing Lighthouse is a resort which has a unique interior design. The features that best capture the essence of the interior designing of this resort are the stairway from the entrance and the lobby.

The conical wall along the winding stairway which leads to lobby bears a rustic look, and at the centre is a sculpture of the arrival of Lorenzo De Almeida, the famous Portuguese Explorer who captured Galle in 1505.

As you enter the lobby you will be able to witness the renowned glass lobby of this resort, as it is only large glass panel that separates the lobby and the sea.

The entire resort is designed to be complemented by the ocean with corridors and terraces having doors and windows opening to the sea to bring the breeze. The rooms too are designed in keeping with traditional culture – large spacious rooms with simplistic yet luxurious amenities. ⛵️🕍


98 Acre Resort

98 Acre Resort

Photo Credit - © 98 Acres Resort

The 98 Acre Resort is one of the premier boutique resorts in Ella. The main structure of the resort used to be a tea factory and, as such, has many characteristics of a colonial tea bungalow. Built on a 98 acre estate, this resort's design revolves around the concept of fusing tradition, nature and comfort. 🍃

The resort itself is built of a myriad of natural elements – natural cut stones, rich smelling timber, and 'illuk' straw – as well as recycled material – you will notice discarded railway sleepers forming parts of the resort.

The luxury accommodation offered by the 98 Acre Resort – cottage-styled rooms totaling 12 in number – are also made of stone and wood to give it a traditional cottage-esque rustic feel, while the straw thatched roofs each room a traditional feel.

The entire design of the resort breaths a sense of rustic bliss into its visitors making it feel almost as if you are embraced by the warmth, nature and comfort that the resort has to offer.😌


Anantara Kalutara

Anantara Kalutara

Photo Credit : © Anantara Kalutara Resort

The city of Kalutara, which The Luxury Travel Channel calls "one of the closest beach retreats" to Colombo, is home to the marvelous Anantara Kalutara.

This luxury resort is one of the finest examples of the fusion of traditional Sri Lanka interior designing with contemporary designing. Natural elements, such as teak, timber and stone, feature prominently in the resort.

The furniture – contemporary, wooden and crafted with expert artisanship – delivers a sense of sophistication and warmth, while the traditional lotus and flower themed wooden carvings and designs on wooden panel and doors is reminiscent of ancient Sri Lankan architecture.🏘

Occasional splashes of color on the otherwise rustic design of the resort, and the contemporary furniture mingling in with the traditional carvings and designs creates a delicate fusion of contemporary and traditional which is more than inviting.