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Updated by Kaya Singer on Jun 19, 2014
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Top Tips to Market Your Service to Your Niche

Great tips from online entrepreneurs on how to connect with your niche clients, build trust and expand your reach. This is what it's all about!


Be Where They Are

Be Where They Are

Go and be where your niche "hangs out", either in person or virtually. Local associations, civic organizations, Meet-Up groups, hobbies and sports venues are great for in-person. The social media sites and blogs work for virtual connections.

The Power of the Persona

Know your customer. Learn their issues. Master their language.

Huge Profits, Tiny List « Connie Ragen Green Teaches List Relationship Marketing Huge Profits, Tiny List

I market my services to my niche by finding out exactly what they are having difficulty with and offering them a simple solution.

Single Opt-In: Keeping newsletter readers happy

Your newsletter is one of the key ways you connect with your niche clients on a regular basis.

But, first you need to make sure they get on your list!

The traditional way to build your email marketing campaigns was to utilize double opt-in. However, these days, a large number of businesses are choosing the single opt-in route when creating newsletters and other electronic correspondence.

Let's look at the user experience to better understand this trend.

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Did you know that virtually all successful service-based business owners have a strong, clear, niche focus? When you go to their websites you are not confused. It is very clear what their message is and who it is directed to.There is no ambiguity.