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Points of Interest in Brazil - Must see places in Brazil

Brazil has so many amazing locations to see from rainforests to glorious sun-kissed beaches, that many travellers don't even know where to start looking. Here are a few places definitely worth seeing.


Forte Beach

Located in northern Brazil, the Forte Beach is considered to be one of Brazil's most beautiful beaches. Stretching over 10km, it is widely known as the Brazilian Polynesia, thanks to its crystal clear water, white sand beaches fringed with tall coconuts trees and high sand dunes. Forte beach also has major historical significance - it is where you'll find the Garcia D ́Ávila Castle, the first Portuguese military structure to be built in Brazil.


Ibirapuera Park

Voted one of the best Urban Parks in the world, the Ibirapuera Park is the largest green space in the city. The park attracts everyone from sports enthusiasts who use the multiple jogging and cycle paths to nature lovers, in search of a quiet escape from the hectic pace of the city. Ibirapuera Park contains more than 500 different plant species, including several that are facing extinction. In addition, it is also a booming center for cultural, with many of museum and performance spaces located within.


São Paulo Museum of Art

Located in the middle of São Paulo, amid lush parks, impressive churches and several hotels in Brazil, such as the Tivoli Hotels & Resorts, is the São Paulo Museum of Art. The building itself is a piece of art - a glass and concrete structure supported by two lateral beams, it is considered a city landmark and a symbolism for contemporary architecture in Brazil. The museum houses a large collection of Brazilian and European art, as well as smaller art pieces and antiques from African and Asian.


Iguazu Falls

Possibly one of the most awe-inspiring sights you'll ever see - the Iguazú Falls is truly one of nature's greatest wonders. Looking out upon a series of powerful cascading waterfalls, stretching over 3m is an unforgeable experience, and one that should not be missed. The Iguazu Falls are located on the Brazilian and Argentinian border, and are thus spilt between the two countries. The falls drain into a national park, most of it covered with lush rainforest, teeming with exotic flora and fauna.


Christ the Redeemer

You can't go to Brazil and not see this iconic landmark which looms over the city of Rio de Janeiro - located at the summit of the Corcovado mountain, it was created by a team of Brazillian and international artists, sculptors and engineers. A symbol of faith for Christians around the world, the statue is both a cultural symbol in Brazil, and is included in the lists of New Seven Wonders of the World.



Established in 1549, Pelourinho, the historic center of Salvador, was the first colonial capital in Brazil, and one of the oldest cities in the Americas. The town is filled with picturesque, colonial buildings, painted in various shades of soft pastel colours. On any given day, the streets are filled with music and dancing, and if you happen to be passing through, try out some traditional prawn dishes this area is famed for.

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