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Java Spring Boot Tutorials

spring boot avoids all the boilerplate code and configurations that we generally do while developing a new spring project like adding build path or maven dependencies, configuring application server, adding spring configurations. Spring boot thus helps us use the existing Spring functionalities more robustly and with minimum efforts.

This post shows examples of Spring Boot Actuator REST endpoints with with sample code base.It also talks about customizing endpoints, securing endpoints and also creating custom endpoints using AbstractEndpoint

Securing Spring Boot Actuator Endpoints with Spring Security - DevGlan

Here we will secure spring boot actuator REST endpoints with spring security features.We will secure the endpoints by properties configurations as well as by AuthenticationManagerBuilder using inMemoryAuthentication.

Spring Boot Websocket Example - DevGlan

This post is about spring boot websocket integration with an example. It sends message to a particular user during spring websocket connection with STOMP using spring security features.

Spring Boot Security Password Encoding using Bcrypt Encoder - DevGlan

This post explains Bcrypt password encoding with Spring boot Security to save encrypted password in db.It provides an example about how to authenticate user with Bcypt encoded password mechanism.

Spring Boot Security REST Basic Authentication - DevGlan

Secure Spring REST API with basic authentication using spring Boot security.The REST Apis are exposed using spring controller and the application is tested using postman.

Spring Boot Security Custom Login Form Example - DevGlan

Spring Boot security login example with custom login form validation using Jsp.It also provides insight about csrf protection while using spring boot security.

Spring Boot Websocket Example without STOMP - DevGlan

Spring Boot websocket Example without STOMP and sockjs.Working with TextWebSocketHandler in Spring to handle websocket message.Implementation of raw websocket in spring boot to send message to specific session.

Spring Boot Security Hibernate Custom Login Form Example - DevGlan

Spring boot security with hibernate integration custom form login example.Use of hibernate to get user details from DB using custom UserDetailService and provide role based authentication to users.

Spring Boot Mvc with Jsp Example - DevGlan

This is about how to integrate jsp with spring boot mvc app.An example app development to integrate jsp with spring boot mvc.Use of tomcat-embed-jasper maven artifact in spring boot.

Spring Boot Hibernate 5 with Mysql Example - DevGlan

This tutorial explains integration of spring boot 1.5 and hibernate 5 + mysql with REST examples. It discusses about creating hibernate session factory using spring-boot-starter-data-jpa artifact.

Spring Data JPA Example - DevGlan

This tutorial explains about Spring Data JPA and Spring Boot with CRUD example through REST api. It also discusses about how to use entitymanager and hibernate session in spring data jpa along with different concepts involved in spring data.

Spring Boot H2 Database Example With Hibernate - DevGlan

This tutorial explains about using H2 database in spring boot with hibernate JPA. The example also covers accessing H2 console and adding spring security to it.The example performs db operations using REST endpoints.