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Personal Loan Info - Axis Bank

Getting Money Wise

Loan! A middle class individual’s rescue to most financial problems. Even though it means paying a part of your income every month, people are increasing relying on loan for most expenses. Be it education, marriage, buying a home or even a high-end mobile phone, it is easier than ever to avail a loan. You can avail it against your home, shares or any other prized asset. And, if you do not own any of these assets, you can still avail a loan. How? Personal loan is a type of loan that gives you credit without any security against it.

Overcome Your Cash Crisis with a Personal Loan

The internet has changed the way people apply for loans. It’s quick, hassle free, and offers a lot of benefits; something traditional banking lacked. Such benefits are drawing more and more customers towards digital banking.Read here the features of a personal loan in depth and analyse how it can benefit:

Six Great Tips to Grab a Personal Loan with Low Credit Score

There are many who apply for loans, but are left for a rude shock when their applications are rejected by banks. The common denominator: low credit score. Be it secured loans such as a home loan or a car loan or unsecured loans such as a Instant personal loan or a student loan, a low credit score can hamper your application’s success rate. Yet, there are ways to secure a loan. Read on to know how.

Facing a cash crisis? Worry no more, as a personal loan can help you get through this financial emergency, with an easy repayment option. Unlike other loans, it is not secured against any asset such as gold or property, and hence goes by the name unsecured loan. Like a friend to whom you can look up to in the time of need, this loan provides you immediate funds, involving a much more systematic process.

Are you planning to get married? Here’s everything you need to know about marriage loan

​‘Marriages are made in heaven’. However, the expenses have to be borne here on earth. Today, a decent wedding costs up to 10 lakhs, with sky being the limit. Parents continue to bear the wedding expenses with the help of their savings made over the years. So, if you have been working for a while and planning to get married shortly, then you might explore the idea of getting a wedding loan, if you need funds. However, before making the decision of taking a wedding loan, consider these pros, cons and details of this financial tool.How do wedding loans generally work?

These loans are also referred to as ‘unsecured debt’ and you can avail these loans on the sole basis of your credit score. Your credit...

Avail Cash During Times Of Need, Only Through A Personal Loan

If you are in need of cash, you may consider opting for a personal loan that will help you in all aspects of your life. This loan can be availed for situations

Personal loans are popular because of their easy availability. Now a days, taking a personal loan is just a click away. Be it a vacation, child education, medical emergency, home refurbishing or any other necessity, it comes handy during times of need. In simple words, it’s an unsecured loan taken by a person from a bank or non-banking financial company to meet his/her personal needs.

Let’s talk about the Indian demographic for one minute. There are an estimated 19.3 births per 1000 people in the country today. This indicates an increasing family size. Today with a growing trend of materialism and the sudden travel-bug that everyone seems to be infected with, people on a fixed budget have started to find it harder to fund their current familial demands. In a money-tight environment, it is a no brainer that banks will come out with attractive loan packages to attract these potential borrowers.

Personal Loan

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