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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Planning to Visit Dubai? Keep These Points in Your Mind! - stay safe and have fun!

Because of its glamorous reputation, and modern skyscrapers, travellers often forget that Dubai is still a conservative country. So here are a few points to remember for a fun and memorable trip.


Visit during winter

Dubai's weather only really has two seasons - hot and burning hot. During the winter season, between the months of October and April, you'll find blue skies and bearable temperatures, perfect for exploring the city. This is also considered the rainy season, but rain showers don't last long, plus, they look so out of place in this desert oasis that you can't help but be enamoured by the sight of rain falling over the city.


Book your accommodation in advance.

Because you are also travelling during the peak tourist season, you want to make sure you book your accommodation ahead of time, or you may find all the good places, like a room at the Ascott Park Place Dubai, for example, a luxury serviced apartment in Dubai, all taken. The best advise is to book at least two to three months in advance to avoid disappointment.


Be mindful of what you wear.

Dubai is a Muslim country, so think modest when packing your vacation wardrobe. Women should avoid anything that could be seen as indecent such as clothing which is too short, tight or revealing. Whilst men are advised to never walk around without a shirt on. Although you can wear whatever you like within the confines of your respective hotel, when out in public, it's always best to stay safe and respect the local culture.


Ask permission before taking photographs

Unless you are in a busy tourist area or taking a scenic shot, never take a photograph without asking permission first, especially of a Muslim woman.


Observe the rules during Ramadan

If your visit coincides with the holy month of Ramadan, you will need to follow some simple rules during the hours of fasting. Between sunrise and sunset - you cannot eat drink or smoke in front of a Muslim. Most eateries will remain closed, but the big tourists areas and hotels are always open, though the area where food is served might be screened from view.


Tipping isn't required for everyone

While it may not be expected for everyone, it is common for certain situations. In general, the restaurants will add a service charge to your bill, so unless you were really happy with the service, you aren't expected to leave a tip. However, luggage carriers and baggers at supermarkets are tipped for their services.


Think before you drink

Alcohol is legal here, but drinking in public is a big no - since public intoxication and drinking and driving are all forbidden. In addition, you can't purchase alcohol without a permit, nor can you get it from any establishment that doesn't have a license to sell. The good news is, drinking at a bar or restaurant is totally fine - as long as you don't leave drunk!


PDA can land you in jail

Public displays of affection are considered to be extremely offensive and many travellers unaware of this, have found themselves arrested and imprisoned for doing so. When you're out in public, stay safe by refraining from holding hands or kissing