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Make sure you check these before your Next Business Trip – An Easy Travel Check List

Take away the hassle of remembering each and every minute detail before your next business trip by incorporating this handy little guide of what to check before your next trip.


Make Sure your Identification is Up to Date

Make sure to check the expiration date of both your passport and driver's license. Realizing your driver's license has expired at the airport car rental booth will be a tad too late. Mind you check your passport's expiration date well in advance, especially if you are planning international travel. A new passport will be issued in no less than six weeks while the speedy service will get it to you in two weeks. Hence if you are a constant business traveller keep in mind that regular checks of these vital documents are done. Setting up timely reminders of when dates are close to expiring will be an added boon.


Check the Coverage of your Mobile Service

Call your cell phone service provider and make sure your plan covers the area you will be travelling to. Call your service provider and let them know of your travel period and destination this way the agent will be able to update you on what packages are available pertaining to the region you will be travelling to. Lots of service providers offer short term updates to existing plans in order to accommodate overseas travel at very minimal rates for international calls, texts and internet use.


Make Sure your Medication is up to Date

If you are on any type of medication make sure you check your supply; there should be enough medication to cover your trip and a few days after you get back. A pharmacy run the first night you get back is not much fun. It would also be wise to carefully store your prescription with other important documents in case airport authorities need to validate the medication you are carrying. Having your physician's contact details together with this will also be helpful in case you need sudden medical attention.


Book your Hotel in Advance or Have a Good Contact

Frequent business travellers will soon establish a good rapport with a favoured hotel or chain. If you are constantly travelling to a particular destination try to find a good hotel able to handle corporate travel. Nothing beats travelling blues like a personalised good morning from a hotel staff that remembers you from the last visit. There are many fine chains that cater to frequent travellers taking care of you both mentally and physically; like Ascott The Residence you should be able to find a global chain of hotels that are well suited to your needs. Make sure your travel agent has all the contact details of your favoured hotel, especially for speedy last minute bookings; this way unpleasant surprises at unknown hotels are kept to a minimum while you are rewarded for loyalty.


Inform your Bank and Credit Card Companies

Make sure to call and inform your bank and credit card firms of your travel plans. Give them details of travel dates and location; remember that most banks and credit card companies do not honour international transactions if they have not been pre-informed by the account holder of their travel plans.


Do a Check List of all Travel Documents

Have a check list for the following; copies of your credit cards and the numbers to call in the event of loss or theft, passport and driver's license, medical insurance cards, hotel reservations and confirmation, travel itinerary and last but not least your ticket.


Set Up a Time to Call Home

Leaving family behind is never easy especially if your children are very young. Chase away the blues and stay in touch by establishing a time to call home. Set up a time depending on your destinations time zone and the kids schedule back home. Times may vary but establish a rough time and date of when you will be calling or can be called will be additional assurance to the children while leaving you with a sense of comfort.
Happy travels folks!

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