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Updated by MonicaJameson on Jan 20, 2019
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Top 5 places to trade ethereum

Ethereum has broken all records and has risen over 5000% in price since the start of 2017 to June 2017. If only I knew about ethereum earlier and seized the chance to make this gargantuan amount of profit. No fret though as ethereum is still growing and its potential is limitless. Analysts are predicting the price of ethereum to triple still at the end of the year. Here we provide you with 5 platforms to learn and trade ethereum. Ethereum is still growing and there is still much to be made from it! Start trading ethereum today and you might end up with the big jackpot!

The Trading Game

Love trading love make profit but don’t like using your own money? Then try out the trading game! This platform is a mobile application which provides a real time trading simulator and also lessons on trading to help and improve on anyone’s trading capability. This app doesn’t provide real money trades but the experience and learning is the same as in a real market and has a leverage of 5x. Learning doesn’t get any easier than how they do it. Use this platform to get the hang of trading ethereum and to build confidence before risking your money on the real deal.




Etoro is the world’s biggest social trading network and offers real money transactions. As of date, there has been over 200million trades opened at etoro. They have a maximum leverage of 1x. This platform is a social trading platform which means you have the option of investing in other traders instead of doing the dirty work yourself. It will be great to learn and adapt certain successful strategies other traders are using and equip them into your own weaponry.


AvaTrade provides a platform suitable for any kind of trader and has both automated and manual platforms. This site offers real money trade with a minimum deposit of $100 and has a leverage of 5x too. This website is greatly trusted and emphasizes on safety more than anything else so traders have nothing to fear when putting their money with them.

Plus 500

Plus 500 is the largest trading platform in the world but is more suitable for those who want to earn big bucks. Their leverage for 1:20. Their trading software is very easy to use their layout is very neat and precise. If you have a huge thirst for profit this is the site for you!


This platform has both real money and demo accounts. They also provide market news, current events and forums for your reading and improvement. They are the top broker in Asia and has over 260 offices worldwide. Currently, traders with a deposit of less than $1000 can set the leverage of 1:1000 if not the default leverage wil be 1:600 They also have contest which allows users using a demo account to acquire real money to do real money trading!