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Updated by Komal Karnani on Mar 28, 2018
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Our emotions, feelings, and thoughts have value in life

Thoughts of regular life. Sometimes, in life we feel lost because of unknown reason, we play defensive and put our self worth at the end of priority list. This list will help you how to make your every feeling special, every action engaging and every emotion precious. Worth reading.


Why I Don’t Say What I Feel: From The Diary of an Introvert Girl | ZistBoon

Introverts are considered awkward, but there is always a second side which we refuse to see. Try to understand introverts, they have different living on th

Something is Missing in my Life but I am Happy | ZistBoon

One can say I have every reason to be happy. And so I am. But there is still something missing in my life.

Never Take Someone’s Feelings For Granted | ZistBoon

Have you asked someone what is wrong when a person start acting differently? Have you ever noticed someone’s eyes when he pretends to smile? Have you told

Maintain Your Emotional Boundaries | ZistBoon

People trade on you when you are liberal, too easy to convince and too kind to be walked over. You need strong emotional boundaries.

Things You Should Do For Yourself Without Being Selfish: Stay Positively Selfish | ZistBoon

How many times do you reject yourself for sake of others? How many times do you put your health, success, work, and happiness at stake? By doing so, you ar