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Best Data Science and Machine Learning Podcasts

A round-up of the best data science podcasts, including interviews with data scientists in academia and industry, as well as tutorials of statistics and machine learning. Whether you are a student, a practitioner, or just someone interested in data-driven stories, there's always a podcast suited for you!

Data Stories (podcast)

Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner discuss the latest developments in data analytics, visualization and related topics.

What's The Point (podcast)

A show about our data age. Each week, Jody Avirgan brings you stories and interviews on how data is changing lives.

Stats + Stories (podcast)

In the Fall of 2012, the election predictions from statistical and mathematical models were celebrated, and the pundits were quaking. We see professional sports management reflecting a money-balled analysis that is hoped will generate better informed decisions about personnel. We go to the grocery with rewards cards that are linked to coupons that are tuned to our particular historic purchasing patterns. Is it possible to understand what is going on behind the scenes in these stories? Does it matter how studies are conducted? What numbers can we trust?

Not So Standard Deviations (podcast)

Not So Standard Deviations: The Data Science Podc…

Partially Derivative (podcast)

The everyday data of the world around us, hosted by data science super geeks. For the nerdy and nerd curious.

Adversarial Learning (podcast)

@joelgrus and @akm talk about data, science, data science, Shingy, and whatever else they feel like

R Weekly (podcast)

Data & Fun. Weekly updates from the R programming language open source community. #rstats

Linear Digressions (podcast)

In each episode, your hosts explore machine learning and data science through interesting (and often very unusual) applications.

Data Skeptic (podcast)

The Data Skeptic Podcast features interviews and discussion of topics related to data science, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the like, all from the perspective of applying critical thinking and the scientific method to evaluate the veracity of claims and efficacy of approaches.

O'Reilly Data Show - O'Reilly Media Podcast (podcast)

The O'Reilly Data Show explores the opportunities and techniques driving big data, data science, and AI. Through interviews and analysis, we highlight the people putting data to work.

The R-Podcast (podcast)

The R-Podcast is a podcast for both new and exper…

Artificial Intelligence in Industry with Dan Faggella (podcast)

Artificial intelligence is more interesting when it comes from the source. Each week, Dan Faggella interviews top AI and machine learning executives, investors and researchers from companies like Facebook, eBay, Google DeepMind and more - with one single focus: Gaining insight on the applications and implications of AI in industry. Follow our Silicon Valley adventures and hear straight from AI's best and brightest.

Data Engineering Podcast (podcast)

This show covers the tools, techniques, and difficulties associated with the discipline of data engineering. Databases, workflows, automation, and data manipulation are just some of the topics that you will find here.

This Week in Machine Learning & AI Podcast (podcast)

This Week in Machine Learning & AI brings you the week’s most interesting and important stories from the worlds of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We discuss the latest developments in research, technology, and business, and explore interesting projects from across the web.

Technologies covered include: machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, natural language processing, neural networks, analytics, big data and more.

Learning Machines 101 (podcast)

Smart machines based upon the principles of artificial intelligence and machine learning are now prevalent in our everyday life. For example, artificially intelligent systems recognize our voices, sort our pictures, make purchasing suggestions, and can automatically fly planes and drive cars. In this podcast series, we examine such questions such as: How do these devices work? Where do they come from? And how can we make them even smarter and more human-like? These are the questions that will be addressed in this podcast series!

Machine Learning Guide (podcast)

This series aims to teach you the high level fundamentals of machine learning from A to Z. I'll teach you the basic intuition, algorithms, and math. We'll discuss languages and frameworks, deep learning, and more. Audio may be an inferior medium to task; but with all our exercise, commute, and chores hours of the day, not having an audio supplementary education would be a missed opportunity. And where your other resources will provide you the machine learning trees, I’ll provide the forest. Additionally, consider me your syllabus. At the end of every episode I’ll provide the best-of-the-best resources curated from around the web for you to learn each episode’s details.

Talking Machines (podcast)

Talking Machines is your window into the world of machine learning. Your hosts, Katherine Gorman and Neil Lawrence, bring you clear conversations with experts in the field, insightful discussions of industry news, and useful answers to your questions. Machine learning is changing the questions we can ask of the world around us, here we explore how to ask the best questions and what to do with the answers.