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Mission and vision statements of some of the top brands

Mission and vision statements are like guiding stars that guide strategy and policy inside the business organizations. Here is a list of the mission and vision statements of some of the well known brands.


Apple Mission and Vision Statements: An analysis

Apple has expanded upon its original mission and vision statements in the recent years. Its vision statement lays stress on its fundamental values like product excellence and innovation

Mission, Vision and values at Microsoft: An analysis

Microsoft’s vision and mission statements are mainly aimed at the people and corporations they benefit. The global computer giant aims to empower the planet with the latest in computer technology.

Amazon mission and vision statement : A short analysis

Being the biggest online retailer is not easy. You have to show strong commitment, focus and long term perspective. Much has been said about Jeff Bezos and his vision

Coca Cola Mission, Vision and Values: An analysis

Mission vision and values all are important for running businesses efficiently and effectively. An analysis of Coca Cola Mission, Vision and Values.

Mission, Vision and Core Values at Starbucks - Inspiring and nurturing humanity

Starbucks’ mission statement does not talk about its product. It is more or less directed at the customer. Whether it is about nurturing the human spirit or one cup, one person, it is more about serving the customer and the humanity.

A Mission and Vision Statement Analysis of Pepsi

Pepsi is a global brand operating in the food and beverages industry. As per its mission and vision statements there is a purpose behind its performance.

An Analysis of Ford's mission and Vision Statement

The focus in its mission or vision statement is on the size and scope of business as well as on its position in the industry. Yes, Ford does not forget to stress upon its unity

An Analysis of Facebook Mission and Vision

Facebook is actively growing and has acquired a number of other brands. Here follows an analysis of Facebook’s mission and vision statement.

Mission and Vision of Cisco: An Analysis

In its more than 30 years of existence, CISCO has seen a lot of growth and expansion. In this span of time, it has acquired more than 150 brands.

An Analysis of Vision and Mission Statement of Caterpillar

Caterpillar is a major producer of industrial vehicles and equipment with a large brand portfolio. Over the last few years, weak economic scenario in several of its markets has hurt its profits.   As a result its focus is on new things like creating new revenue streams. Apart from its heavy vehicles business, the brand has also invested in many other businesses including financial services, energy, environment and solar turbines. Despite the poor performance over the last few years, the brand is not pessimistic about its 2017 performance.  Its performance in China has started recovering and could improve further if recovery in the Brazilian economy begins. Caterpillar’s diverse portfolio could enable faster recovery for the brand. Caterpillar has shown the power of excellent strategy and has grown an umbrella brand whose power lies in its diverse portfolio.  Apart from these things, the brand has focused on sustainability and environmental protection. Here is an analysis of Caterpillar’s mission, vision and strategy.

Mission and Vision Analysis of Hewlett Packard

HP provides technology products, software and services to individual consumers, enterprises and the government. An analysis of its mission and vision

Lenovo Mission and Vision Statements: An analysis

An analysis of Lenovo's mission and vision statements, the leading PC maker globally..its present and its future....Read further.....

Mission and Vision of Hilton Worldwide: An Analysis

Since being founded by Conrad N Hilton in 1925, Hilton Hotel has expanded its presence to 104 countries. An analysis of its mission and vision..

Mission and Vision Statements of Under Armour: An Analysis

Under Armour, whose mission is to empower the athletes continues on its pursuit of innovation. Here is a discussion of its mission and vision statements....

Mission and Vision Statement analysis of Google

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. So, at the end Google aims to make the internet and enriching experience. It is why Google has become such a familiar name to us all.