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Headline for Eccentric wedding traditions in the world - making your special day just a little more special
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Eccentric wedding traditions in the world - making your special day just a little more special

We've all heard about the wedding tradition that calls for something old, new and blue - but have you heard about the crazier stuff out there? Here's a look at the quirkier customs around the world. 👰🤵


Crying practices

Crying practices

fortes, Tujia women, ,CC BY-SA 2.0

Preparing for a wedding can be emotionally draining and brides have been known to break down in tears, but the Tujia people in China, take crying to another level.

Beginning one month in advance to the wedding, the bride will cry for one hour every day. The mothers' join in ten days into the ritual, followed by the grandmothers ten days after that.

By the end of the month, all the women in the family are crying with the bride. The custom is said to be an expression of happiness as each women cries in a different tone. Creating a song of tears, so to speak.


Toilet bowl dinner - France

Toilet bowl dinner - France

Jim from Stevens Point, WI, USA, Cat lying in a toilet bowl, CC BY-SA 2.0

Wedding venues in the world's most romantic city are always promoted by tour operators such as My Romantic Travel, but their wedding traditions are probably best avoided.

After the ceremony is over, the bridal party goes on a scavenger hunt, collecting leftovers, rubbish and basically anything they deem disgusting inside a toilet bowl, and then force the couple to drink it.

This is meant to supply the couple with energy on their special night. Today, the slop is substituted with chocolate, but you'll still be drinking out of a real toilet bowl. 😯😕


Blackening the Bride - Scotland

Friends and family will show their support for the bride by mixing all kinds of nasty things like spoilt milk and food, tar, mud, flour in a bucket, and then tipping it on her.

The lucky bride is then tied to a tree before being taken out for drinks. The whole ordeal is meant to prepare the bride for a life of trial and humiliation during her marriage - not the most optimistic tradition.


Marrying a tree - India

According to Indian astrology, women born when Mars and Saturn are both under the 7th house are cursed and likely to drive their husbands to an early death. To remove the curse, the woman must first marry a peepal tree before the tree is felled to remove the curse. 🙋🌴


Cross-dressing brides - Russia

This tradition has to do with a dowry system. Before the wedding the groom and his family visit the bride's home.

After paying a dowry, the bride is meant to be presented to the groom by her family. However, if the dowry is considered to be too low, a substitute bride is sent out to greet them, usually a cross-dressing friend, until the required amount of money is given.


Breaking dishes - Germany

Referred to as Polterabend in Germany, the ritual requires the guests to bring provide the couple with new dishes as wedding presents, which are then smashed to bits. According to traditions, the huge commotion caused by all the smashing crockery will scare off evil spirits.


Beating feet - Korea

According to Korean wedding traditions, a groom should have his feet beaten with either a cane or fish, (yes, a fish!) before his wedding night. Once a painful practice, it's now more humorous than excruciating. The practice is meant to ensure the groom won't let down his bride on their wedding night.

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