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Updated by Nick Kellet on Nov 13, 2015
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I'm collecting amazing Hashtag Stories. What's yours?

Almost by accident I've become aware in/or involved in some interesting #hashtags.

On reflection, I realized they were collection of collaborative stories. There was a common theme of collaboration and they are all a slow burn. They are all growing over time.

I've added 3 more as pending simply because they are they are new or aren't quite a hashtag. They do fit into the spirit of the list


A 24/7 conversational hashtag. A community of people from around the world.


A transmedia project to learn how people of all ages answer a simple question - What makes you happy?


Run by @BoydJane this is a project to connect people on any given topic. It began as an experiment and grew into a business


365 Marketing Hacks - A Year's worth of Hacks by @MartiKonstant

Marti us using Google Hangout to Interview 365 people and ask them to share a simple marketing hack in 3 minutes of less




I've found #sobcon to be a very generous hashtag. Technically it's maps to two annual events in Chicago and Portland. There's an ongoing coversation between alumni and future attendees

It's run by @LizStrauss and @Starbucker

Coming at me from all angles

I can't prove that if you tag it they will come But this is what I see - just in Googleplus alone: While RiteTag's Tag Optimizer for Facebook or Googleplus is not yet available, I have been testing...

Hashtag thought leaders evaluate #RiteTag

Thank you, one and all, for taking a serious look at the hashtag optimization tool that our team is still perfecting. Thanks for reviews of #RiteTag - in Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Polish, French, English & Dutch!


What began as a response to violence on women evolved into retorts, such as #notallmen, and continues to bring out reactions in people with opinions, as we see with #WomenAgainstFeminism #WarOnWomen and #prochoice - all coming up as per the post-date of this item, as hashtags used with #yesallwomen.


This is a project for @annereuss to create ASL signs for startups.


I loved this global unconference tour. I love the energy and dedication from the team behind it. I love their authenticity and passion for the topic. I also love unconferences. I've med some great people through this project.




TChat is technically a chat group hashtag for led by @MeghanMBiro and friends.

It always feels like to much more. It lives throughout the week. It has a thriving culture and it's led me to so many great connections and people.

Prior to TChat I always thought HR sucked. It's a great hashtag