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Updated by Jason A. Churchill on Jul 04, 2017
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Mid-Season Top 25


1. Kyle Lewis, CF -- Modesto (A+)

Lewis is far and away the best talent in the organization and in his limited time after returning from knee surgery has look healthy and as athletic as ever. A true five-tool prospect, Lewis now could be on the fast track, but still may need to adjust how he uses his hands and leg kick.

HIT: 45/50
PWR: 55/60
RUN: 60/60
RANGE: 55/55
ARM: 60/60


2. Evan White, 1B/OF -- NA

White, if he sticks in left or right field, where the club is likely to try him early due to plus speed and above-average arm strength, could be a fast-track prospect. The power may take some time but he makes consistent contact and uses most of the field.

HIT: 45/55
PWR: 45/55
RUN: 60/60
RANGE: 70/70 (1B)
ARM: 55/55


4. Tyler O'Neill, RF -- Tacoma Rainiers (AAA)

O'Neill has struggled with contact most of the first half in the PCL, but the power remains evident and the 22-year-old has shown the capacity to make necessary adjustments in the past.

HIT: 40/45
PWR: 55/60
RUN: 55/55
RANGE: 50/50
ARM: 60/60


5. Sam Carlson, RHP -- NA

He's yet to throw a professional pitch, but he ranks this high because the system is shallow and his raw stuff suggests a potential frontline starter down the road. Why is here ranked higher than Nick Neidert? Ceiling. Sometimes it's better to take a few risks and end up with a No. 1 or No. 2 starter than accept the higher-probability No. 4.

FB (92-96 mph): 60/65
SL: 50/60
CH: 50/55
CTL/CMD: 50/55
DEL: 40/45


6. Nick Neidert, RHP -- Modesto (A+)

Neidert has been strong in the Cal League at 20 years old. His upside is limited to mid-rotation but he's made it clear he's on that track with 55 command and 60 control of an average fastball (89-92 mph) and an improved slider that's induced swings and misses this season. His changeup is even better, as is his command away to RHBs. Neidert is a big-leaguer in two years.

FB (89-93 mph): 50/55
DEL: 50/55


7. Brayan Hernandez, CF -- Everett (SS-A)

Hernandez is a very good athlete and may have the instincts to allow his speed and agility to keep him in center field. He has quick hands and a line-drive swing. You have to dream a little bit on the bat, but he's just 19 and has displayed an acumen of far more experienced players. He's a switch hitter but the left-handed swing is better with more power.

PWR: 40/50
RUN: 60/60
RANGE: 55/55
ARM: 60/60


8. Greifer Andrade, OF -- Everett (SS-A)

Andrade, now that he's settling into an outfield role -- he was transitioned to shortstop after signing, but it didn't take -- his bat could take off. He has good present strength that generates above-average bat speed and his swing path reflects that of a Juan Uribe, who hit 199 home runs in the big leagues through last season.

PWR: 40/50
RUN: 50/50
RANGE: 50/50
ARM: 50/50


9. Joe Rizzo, 3B -- Clinton (A)

Rizzo, 19, is hitting in the Midwest League, showing a swing that could ultimately connect for high averages. He possesses average bat speed and a swing that may not hit for much power. Where he plays on the field is a question yet to be answered.

HIT: 45/55
PWR: 45/50
RUN: 40/40
RANGE: 40/45
ARM: 50/50


10. D.J. Peterson, 1B -- Tacoma (AAA)

Peterson, 25, finally appears to be gaining traction at the plate. He's been the Rainiers best hitter since mid-to-late May, is controlling the strike zone and making more consistent contact. The power is starting to show, too, and the former first-round pick batted .311/.404/.528 with 10 extra-base hits in June.

HIT: 45/50
PWR: 50/55+
RUN: 40/40
RANGE: 50/50 (1B)
ARM: 60/60


11. Dan Vogelbach, 1B -- Tacoma (AAA)

Vogelbach is strong and can generate good bat speed, but but his home-run power is on the inner half, which happens to be where the hole in his swing is, too. His size may get in the way of him pulling his hands in, both in terms of sheer room to do so and quickness of his rotation. He's a 40 glove at first that may never be more than a 45. I do believe Vogelbach, if given some time in the majors, would hit enough to warrant part-time play, but that's a difficult piece to carry on a roster for the long haul, considering 100 percent of his value comes at the plate.

HIT: 45/55
PWR: 50/60
RUN: 25
ARM: 45


12. Boog Powell, OF -- Tacoma (AAA)

Powell does a good job controlling the strike zone and offers plus speed and at least average range in center field. His arm fits better in left, but he can handle the bat and get on base. If he can find a little gap power, he's a terrific fourth outfielder candidate, or perhaps a platoon option.

HIT: 45/50
PWR: 30/35
RUN: 60/60
RANGE: 55/55
ARM: 40/40


David Banuelos, C -- NA

Banuelos is an average or better defender with a chance to hit enough to catch in the big leagues. His game plan and swing are more tapered to line-drive contact and working counts.

HIT: 45/50
PWR: 35/40
RUN: 30/30
DEF: 50/55
ARM: 60/60


14. Braden Bishop, CF -- Modesto (A+)


15. Christopher Torres, SS -- R


16. Ronald Rosario, OF -- Everett (SS-A)


17. Brandon Miller, RHP -- Clinton (A)


18. Max Povse, RHP -- Arkansas (AA)


19. Thyago Vieira, RHP -- Arkansas (AA)


20. Anthony Jimenez, OF


21. Julio Rodriguez, OF -- NA


22. Juan Querecuto, SS -- NA


23. Stir Candelario, OF -- NA


24. Rob Whalen, RHP -- Tacoma (AAA)


25. Jorge Benitez, LHP -- NA


26. Gareth Morgan, OF -- Clinton (A)